Thursday, October 08, 2009

Alvinisms 948

"A clear conscience is a good pillow."

-American Proverb

Did you know: A giraffe is one of the animals who is born with a horn.

Thought of the day: This is a much needed weekend. Though I did take a day off this week from work get better I was never close to 100% and I look forward to rest, a bonfire for Preezy's bday, and finally surfing again. Wetsuits up nuckas!

Food for thought:

Jimmy Dean sausage, eggs, rice and yes...Cheetohs.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Sammy loves gifts. Who doesn't?

But of course!

Bgirl Sammy.

Thanks for the smile doll.

Reinah has better print and cursive than my typing.

And she's uber studious. Proud!

This is what I was studying.

Matching Peru jerseys!

Gifts for everyone!

Sorry Rei no jersey but I got you some more parts for your skateboard.
Where the Wild Things Are comes out on Reinah's birthday.

Print the coupon out below for next week.

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Maritza said...

Where's my gift from your trip? JK! I love all your pictures! Your neices are so cute.