Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alvinisms 792

"Charity sees the need not the cause."

-German Proverb

Did you know: Detroit is French for "strait".

Thought of the day: I was supposed to go to the gym and cook my spaghetti for Thursday dinner. Instead I ate at a chimichanga at Jalapenos and I'm watched TV and anime...But I'm completely happy!

This week is flying by! Thursday already!?!

Food for thought:

Damn you Orient Valley and your dank tocino.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Mickey Mouse got moves!

This video would've been perfect w/ the last post. Mickey Vs Lil Bboy.

We met up at Onyx/Thin and mobbed to Sin to see Frees perform...FAIL! She performs the next day!

Gelly and Erdub came running to...

because our hook was waiting to get us in. Thanks Nino!

I miss running w/ my Gelly aka Buns.

Chris dressed up for the occasion.

Happy birthday Ollie. Love you man. Sorry Ron that I didn't make it out to the Office. Happy birthday to you too. Wildboyz 4 Life.

Mar is my girl!!! Dinner date!

Another reverse Oreo cookie.

Sharing tips on how to talk to girls.

Alyson and I go back all the way to 7th grade. Allegro!

I love stockings like these. Thanks for letting me take a picture of your butt Gelly. Hahaha! It's famous now.

Gelly x JR's booties.

No upskirts but how bout an upshirt?
This looks like an "I'm drunk and might be up to no good" face.

Jon Phenom and the Phive Athletics crew! You can hear about his jeans on Lupe Fiasco's "Go Go Gadget Flow". Whatchu know about that!?! Check out his stuff at Jon Phenom

Kimtan w/ his own version of the reverse Oreo.

JR and I met in Link Crew. Cile and I met at the Shop.

Gelly and I had a camera war, there's like 15 of these pictures.

But we danced through all of Stingeree too. Oooo, kinda close! Booyah! Don't forget your booty protector next time. Haha.

Are you talking about the slice of pizza or...

Felly Feeeeeel!!!

I haven't seen you girls in a long time. I miss your faces Nanners and Jen.

No one knows about Red Dot, Retro Live, and Wu55boy. Takin it back son!

Besides the Wildgirlz these are my favs!!! Josephine, Pam, Maeden, Nidah, Margie, and Trisha.

Jomo. You can figure out "what one's wearing" on Jomo's Blog.

Let's run around Miramar Lake on Saturday mornings again.

Margie was my confirmation sponsor junior year. Loves.

Pam lives a life similar to like how'd I'd like to. Imma come to Atlanta to visit you ma. But first we gotta get Tajima dinner like you asked. *winks

I had to save Josephine and Nidah from this weird dude.

I had a crush on Trisha in high school.

Damn! Taken! And the land of men all mourn...

You will forever be one of my favorite people Margie.

Maeden has one of the sweetest smiles.

What's going on in this picture Gels!?!

Glen and I are bouncers telling you to "get the f**k out!"

I spy Vern Vern's (WGZ) in Santanas.

This is the last picture on my camera. What are we doing Jamie?

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gelly said...

ewwww @ the up close pic. gee thnx a lot alvin! :P