Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alvinisms 791

"Treasure the love you receive above all. It will survive long after your good health has vanished."

-Og Mandino (1923 - 1996)

Did you know: SD stands for Super Duper.

Thought of the day: Yesterday was the hottest day of the year; thank God I didn't go to Disneyland yesterday or I would've stayed on Small World the whole time.

Food for thought: There are plenty below.
Cheese Balls
Hot Fries
Ice Cream Sandwich
Pineapple Ice Cream
Pretzel w/ Cheese
Hard Boiled Egg

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Check out Vinh and Luke (Leo's little brother) of SuperGalacticBeatManipulators. BTW, nice shirts boys!!! Willys Workshop represent! Come in anytime!

Loves of my life.

She may look innocent but she's naughty as hell!

Thuggin it out but she's a straight A+ student.

Making memories.

Hell yeah.

Disneyland IS the happiest place on Earth.

Do you remember the movie "Blank Check" and he lived in a mansion w/ all the goodies....for a million bucks. A million bucks can get you a few packs of gum nowadays.

I haven't ridden Dumbo in like 20 years. It's still fun.

I tried to make Nah vomit by spinning as fast as I could. She held her own.

These ain't no ordinary teacups.

I don't think I ever rode "It's a Small World" because the line was always too long or I thought I was too old. But this ride is friggin cool!!!

I love details. So when places pull out all the stops to make their plants, nuts, streets, pots, etc look cool. I appreciate all of it.

I hear it got renovated, but still don't drink the water.

Took off the sweater and added a kid.


Mom and Dad were there to provide the most Filipino lunch in Disneyland.

Sammy can make faces for days.

But she loves my glasses.

Found you!

And you!

There's a funny story behind this ride but only Preez, Willys, Shalihe, Ryan, Ann, Shem, and Lachan know about it. Kisses!
Pa, Sam, and Ma shooting them up at Buzz Lightyear's ride.

Wena (sister in-law) and Auntie Thelma hella focusing.

I love Pizza Port! Only if they had the same brews and beer buddies. OOooo, that sounds good. It's been a while since I've eaten there.

Sorry Reinah give it like another year and you'll drive the car yourself.

Ha! Nice pose Nah.

They grow up so quick.

This ride can suck if you're stuck behind a slow poke.

Stroller City.

Tocino and rice for lunch!!! I told you it was a Filipino lunch!

We're found!

This is Logan Xavier, he's always smiling.

I mems being scared of this a long time ago.

Goldmember said it best, "I LOVE GOLD!"
Sammy was a little scared and I was sleepy.

There's always room for ice cream.

So gross.

While in the Tiki Room you have to buy the pineapple juice and whip.

There's so much more to Disneyland than I ever thought.

Shoulda bought the Goofy one too.

Toon Town is so awesome, you feel like you're actually in the cartoon.

These are the coolest stuffed characters ever!!!

It's tiring being a kid.

I spy a familiar name.

Jalapeno cheese filled pretzel...and I bought more nacho cheese. Gym time!

Mary Poppins is my favorite movie ever.

And I'll miss you too!!!

Reinah will be driving in 7 years. They do grow up fast.

She's already learning how to change stations and one hand it. Dang!

Ha, I ended up w/ the Pluto one cuz it looked funny.

And my favorite mug of all time!

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