Sunday, March 08, 2009

Alvinisms 753

"When you lose, don't lose the lesson."


Did you know: Some of the WBZ/WGZ used to feed the homeless every new years day.

Thought of the day: Happy belated birthday Cile. Do you remember the first time hanging out w/ the whole group of friends? I do. It was Lai, you, and I and we went to Souplantation and then Ronald's party at his house. From their things went bananas and we started going to baseball games, Tajima, Tijuana, etc etc etc. I miss the days when us three had spare time just to kick it but understand that we all have our agendas. Just know that I'm glad you're part of my life and JR's and the whole Wildboyz/Wildgirlz crew.

Food for thought:

When I work at Willys Workshop Mira Mesa I usually like to enjoy a small bowl of teriyaki chicken or beef.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

ABDC Season 3 Finale from "5Dtv" 5&A DIME on Vimeo.

Here's that video again of Toe-Knee interviewing folks at America's Best Dance Crew season finale.

Cheers for days.

Sliders...why do mini burgers taste so good?

Ojay and Michelle are animetards. I love it!

James is a animetard as well. We all have something in common that no one will understand. Right Tim!?!
Aloha Sushi is pretty cool place to chill. Clean looking.

Oh what!?! Proposal!?!

Lost Cause: TJ, JR, Freddy aka TeeGay, Danger, and Fred Dogg. (Haha, TJ has a gay name)Nessa, Cile, and TK having a good time.

Damn girl. Double fisting!?! You know how this is gonna turn out.

Jojo is moving to the Bay for culinary school. I'm so proud of you mama!!! I'm going up w/ you in April. Hey Timmy and Leo you better get your party hats ready.

This is a nice candid shot. Except for Rose. Hahaha. JK! Loves!

Calvin Klein needs to call these Boyz up for modeling. Chris, Edwin and Ollie are ready for underwear shots.

I love the Wildgirlz.

And you all love the Wildboyz!

George and baby Willy Jr. aka Baby Alvinism. Damn, look at the contrast, hella dark and hella light!

The first time I had red velvet was from Terry. Now, this was a whole cake...w/ ice cream! Dayam!

Cile reserved all 4 spots in the back for our party.

Afterwards it was off to Onyx/Thin for more drinks and madness. I didn't make it out cuz this is the beginning of me getting sick and I wanted to go fishing at 7am the next day.

Julz on the turntables handlin it.

Dee you're my favorite!

Angela and Lovelyn are sooo nice! I miss you two; I need to come by more often.

This picture is funny because there's an arrow pointing at Apes head. Hahaa!


Dang Drew! Haha, TK's lil bro looks faaaaaded!

That's a good woman who will do that for her man.

Usually I'd say, "ASIAN SMILES!" for a picture like this but you guys are all so cute! Love you all!

Anabel and April illin. BTW, none of these pictures are from me cuz I don't have my point and shoot mems. Thanks TK for letting be steal em.

Break it down Tee. Look at the girls watching him. Haha.

Lil brothers in the hizzy!

Mustache faces.Guil and Jojo are two very nice people.

Why is JR knocked out instead of Cile? Ho hum.

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