Saturday, March 07, 2009

Alvinisms 750

Dang man, I've been lying on the floor (cuz my bed is at my house now) at my parent's place for at least 24 hours. You know its bad when you think you should be w/ your parents instead of your own place.

So weak. Can't stand too long, can't walk, delirious and I just finished passing my traffic school exams. This is the worst Sunday of the year by far. Sorry friends who I asked to get Tajima w/ me, it's prolly best that I don't leave the house and that you don't get tiny bugs crawling inside you. Next time.

Here's a conversation that Jen and I had. If you know anyone w/ tiny lasers holla!!! Maybe I'll take takers on slapping me...NOT!


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jenandkerosene said...

you are delirious.