Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Alvinisms 747

"If a thing isn't worth saying, you sing it."

-Pierre Beaumarchais (1732 - 1799)

Did you know: I had a booger collection when I was living in National City. Mwahahaha!

Thought of the day: I love watching the movie "Benny & Joon". Maybe partly because I feel like I can relate to Sam in just being eclectic, random, in your own world, enjoying life, going w/ the wind, etc. Dang, Imma play it again tonight.

Food for thought:

I love rice. Flavored rice is even better. Jambalaya in New Orleans is tops.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

This has got to be one of the most simple yet amazing videos I've seen in a while. Thank you www.segue-mag.com for showing me this.

Hellzzzz yeah! Allan and I watched the NBA's best point guard, Chris Paul, rip the Bucks for 20 assists.

It also was a buzzer beater to make it even crazier!!!

Yo Chachee I didn't know you expanded all the way out here.

Oh, nevermind.

Can you imagine when Katrina hit that the Superdome was packed w/ people left homeless.

My very first basketball game was uhhhmazing! Instead of hot dogs and burgers they serve gumbo, jambalaya, and alligator sausage.

Alvinism reppin Hoey Inc all across the nation!

Allan courtside. Usually he's on the court. Hilltop legends.

Wildboyz love sports!

And we love you too Nola!!!

Oh yeah at lunch I stocked up on my arsenal for the night.

The mountains are blue so we're ready to rock n rolla!!!

Basketball not gymastics man.

Before we left to meet up w/ the girlies we met the legendary NBA ref Dick Bavetta and the crew from the night. Sick! They were really cool.

The weekend after Mardi Gras and Bourbon St. is still crackin!

And you can still find some crazies out there. The guy on the left asked me to take the picture. The middle guy looks like a bear. And the guy on the left is upset cuz he's only w/ dudes.

Maybe a little bit of Mardi Gras still remains.

Someone w/ a loud shirt who's jumping in the air. Who could it be?

We found you girlies! Let the fun start!

3 for 1 drinks means we kept coming back here everytime we needed a cheap buzz.

It kinda smelled like puke from Mardi Gras but it was worth being there. Not sure if I'd enjoy Fat Tuesday as I would if I was still in college but shit...if you're down, SO AM I!

This girl was like, "Oh! You're short too! Let's take a picture!" Hahaha!

Yes we went to a strip club before calling it a night. It was free and the drinks were cheap. Free boobies.

3 for 1 equals fun fun fun!

This is Annie, I spotted her from like a mile away. The next night I tried buying all the flowers she was selling so I could take her out. But she wasn't there. Kawawa...and over it! Love the steez and personality though! (Hey Feta, thank God I didn't lose this one!)

I'm faded in Nola! Staring at my shirt will make you dizzy.

You know I'm thinking when my hands are behind my back. Seriously.

I found a tall pole and tried to climb it...it was a bad choice.

Fudge! I forgot that no one really cleans poles unless you're in a strip club! Shit! Ho well, it was worth the laughs.

Can you tell who loves travelling!?!


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