Monday, March 02, 2009

Alvinisms 746

"Maybe kissing is sort of like nature's coffee."

-Scott Westerfeld

Did you know: I got jumped in 2nd grade by 5th graders who I thought were my friends. National City rocks! Hahaha! (but you grow some thick ass skin yo).

Thought of the day: Wednesday night I was planning on studying for traffic school and doing taxes but ended up at Fuddruckers for a Willys Workshop meeting. All I gotta say is we gonna do some fun things in the future so look out.

The rest of the week looks pretty fun w/ a bboy session, Cile's bday, fishing, Watchmen, reading, and traffic school of course! The weekend is almost here and that means next weekend in Mammoth is even closer! Woohoo!!!

Food for thought: See the pictures cuz there are plenty.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

First morning in Nola.

Don't forget to watch out for the backsplash.

We all love Pappadeux!

Lunchtime w/ Juli and the crew. Don't you love shorties?

I hear the streets are cleaned the instant Mardi Gras is over.

Wildboyz cheesin it out in Nola.

Mmmmm. Gumbo. I've been waiting to eat it out here the whole trip.

This wasn't mine but Rockafeller oysters aren't half bad.

But I did try alligator! And it's pretty good! It DOES taste like chicken.

We call this the "reverse Oreo" cuz its white on the outside and gets darker in the center.

Blackened all day.

Thank you for some real dank foodage.

Lunch time beers on the street. I wonder what California would be like if we could just drink anywhere.

No wormwood here though.

There must be thousands upon thousands of beads in the sewers of Nola.

I dunno why Allan wanted a picture w/ the dudes but here it is.

"Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" or "Squirt Fire"? Which do you wanna try?

Big Dick something something or Ass comment.

Ass in Hell, Antarctica, or in the tub. You choose.

You smoke a lot more than I thought man.

This is his, "I don't care" face.

San Diego needs more balconies and stairways.

Nice shot Juli.

Me likey!

Check out the intense beard on Santa Claus.

The clouds kept us nice and cool. Even it was a little muggy and grimey, it felt pretty nice out there.

Even las cucarachas enjoy the sun...or its dead.

You girls are fun.

What are Allan and Juli looking at?

A Filipino monkey in the tree!

This is my "Aye!?! How come you're not looking!" face.

Julz expression is priceless.

Every now and then I'll take a regular photo.

Fine, I'll settle to take a nice picture.

This is like a cover of a photo album or something!

Julz sultry face. And Allan's weirdo face.

And there I go again not making any sense. Hooray for fuzzy shoes!

Hi Alligator! We ate your cousin!

Laurel like big shiny balls.

At night the girls did their own thing and had an awesome dinner. Check out their food.

I have no idea what this is but when I saw it I got really hungry.

Yup. Still hungry.
Guess where Allan and I went.

You know you can't wait to see what mischief we were up to at night. Mwahaha. Pictures of Friday night up tomorrow!

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