Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alvinisms 734

"They can conquer who believe they can."

-Virgil (70 BC - 19 BC)

Did you know: The first job that I really thought I wanted was to be a chemist.

Thought of the day: Regarding my "Did you know" I was actually really good at chemistry. I passed w/ an "A" even w/ Vanessa, Freddy, Betty, and a whole lot of friends in the class to distract me. But I loathe doing math so I just stopped and continued to do what I liked in high school which was sports, dance, make friends, be involved, design mixed media, and just goof off w/ everyone. To this very day i still love all sciences just a little more lazy on the math side. Ho hum diddly dum. I still love my life!

Food for thought:

Don't you love fob parties! Fired chicken, fried rice, orange chicken, lumpia, short ribs, and honey walnut shrimp!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I dunno why we started a game of beer pong like this but it was pretty ridiculous.

Team Fixed Gear.

Happy birthday Laguns.

Back to our game of ultimate beer pong. Look at the concentration to watch for bounces. Geez!

Oh, BTW this is right after the Musubi Eating Contest, that's why I'm wearing the same clothes as yesterday's post.

Troy, Vince aka Mario, and Cile who was my celebrity shooter for me. Good shit girl!

Uh oh! You know what that means! Shotgun time!

Those are genuine faces of elation.

Shotgun virgins Freez and Preez. They look scared.

Cile was trying to cop a feel on Jojo.

Jojobean, Preezy Preez, MC, April and Cile sittin pretty.

This is the funny picture of Cile. I forgot what she was saying but it musta been intense.

George is always up to no good.

Shots for everyone! Happy birthday Danger!

Followed up by a round of shotguns again! You know where this night is heading.

Ellen looks radiant here.
Allan seems to be in high spirits.

Black Mountain and Mesa Verde unite.

Fatch doesn't even need to see his food. I wonder if Kimtan and Michelle are talking about anime. Hey can I be a character too Michelle!?!

Frees and here favorite...Mario. I mean Vincent-San.

Picture w/ April. Umm...but more of me. Ha!

I wonder what Ollie's so amped about.

All the girls on one side? That must mean..."Guys Vs Girls Flip Cup!"

Look at Vince and Freddy taunting the girls! Haha!

Umm...no comment. He's alive, don't worry.

Everyone's concentrating so much.

I'm guessing the girls won a round. I don't remember much cuz I blacked out and fell asleep early.

It's a celebration bitches!

Nice face Fatch.

You too Tristan. If you need a car. He's your man.

Oh no. Here's comes a photoshoot. Where'd those glasses come from!?! Take #1

Take #2 Fatch's eyes open.

Take #3 Where did the scissors come from?

Take #4 What the hat? And what's in your hand Frees?

I outlasted Cile at least! JK! Good night sleepyhead! You, me and Elainne. Dinner.

Which one of you fucks painted my nails and drew streaks on my head! Damn you!

Thanks Josephine for driving me home and watching me puke in the plants. Love you. I love all my friends. I'm never worried about much w/ good friends around.


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