Friday, January 23, 2009

Alvinisms 707

"What a beautiful, sunny morning. It makes you happy to be alive, doesn't it? We can't let the sun outshine us! We have to beam, too!"

-Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata

Did you know: I can pretty much tell you a story about anything in the Shop.

Thought of the day: My favorite person to work w/ at the Shop is obviously Frees aka Althea. We always have a fun time and end up either going to yoga class or Tajima. But one thing I know what makes our relationship work at work is that we can vibe each other and we got each others back, ultimate teamwork status.

One's folding clothes the other's arranging shoes, one's gripping boards the other is pushing in bearings, one's typing on the comp the other clicks the mouse (maybe not the last, or is it?). I could go on about how cool or fun it is but you should just come to Willys Workshop and see for yourself. Just look at the pictures!

Food for thought: See below.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Remember my last post about line dancing? Here's what you missed out on.

Pizza, wings, beer, and potato bites. You can't go wrong! I should weight 24o pounds.

Look at what my brother taught my niece. I GUESS!??!

Theme for Me: An outfit someone would wear but DEFINITELY not me (but I do like the T shirt)

"Aye yo mah? Whas really good?"

"Yyyeah my get-up is fresh. Straight from that Willys Workshop, gnawm sayin?"

"Check the goods. Freeeeeesshhh!"

"Ooooh baby child."

"Lemme jus seal dis deal."

"What!?! Noo!!??!! Oh please. Please. Please baby!"

"Then I'll cut off your head if it was there!"

Theme for Frees: "Oh cool all the skateparks are free and I'm 11 years old!"

"Aww shucks, I hate this safety first crap."

"Oh boy, these axle nuts sure are tight."

"I wonder if any pros are gonna be at the park? Yippeee!"

"I'm tired of being snaked on my run. Humppphhhfffff."

"I know what to do! I'll skate flatland like Rodney Mullen! It's awesome being a preteen!"

"Whooaaa! Take it easy!"

"Mom needs to pick me up right now cuz I have to do my Social Studies diorama."

Eric came by the Shop and I got to model his motorcycle gear. Luckily it completely matched my clothes!

"Ooooo. Check out the buns on that one. He must work out" -Dumb and Dumber

Straight posin!

Of course you need the slow motion removal of the helmet.

"Welcome to the Porkshow" says the Freezers.

Back at Bumsville I made my specialty, MEXICAN CORN!!!

And we devoured our tostadas w/ sour cream, cheese, carne asada, and Tapatio. I promise to cook something more healthy next time girls!

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