Monday, January 19, 2009

Alvinisms 705

"Lets go! lets go lets go! The girls wanna dance…….and they wanna dance with ME!"

-Fatch on his bday rallying the troups to go to Onyx/Thin

Did you know: Only Fatch and I have been working Willys Workshop since it first opened.

Thought of the day: Going w/ the wind has taken me many places and quite frankly I'm happy where I've been, I am, and where I'm going so Imma just roll w/ it. But...where the wind doesn't take me, Imma take the oars and get myself there. That's determination and perseverance. Finding that line took a while but now I'm at the crossroads where all I see are smiles.

I frickin miss snowboarding soooo bad right now. Don't get me wrong because I love all the beautiful typical San Diego weather we've been having but some cold, rain and snow would make for a great weekend trip (and a picnic).

Food for thought:

You can never go wrong w/ good ol fashioned pizza.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Gots to go mans! Crap I got work Friday but "as the wind blows!"

My favorite flyer of the three. Clean.

Earlier this day I have a student's bday party. I'm guessing its not gonna be a rager like this. Haha.

Krissy got a new camera! New blogger? Yes! I spy you Cile!

Chad can do this cuz he's white! Hahaha! White's his last name.

Mount Carmel's legendary Mike Juco, Fatch and TK. Mike, Fatch and I all had computer graphics class together, and you can bet it was crazy class! "Why do birds, suddenly appear?"

Nanners puts this goofy smile on my face all the time.

Ann aka Frances and Juli aka Julz are two of the craziest girlies I know.

We're not neighbors anymore! Bah!!! We can still skate, run or chess!

Fatch's face is priceless.

Meet the Freezers: Alvin of the Wildboyz and Althea Loves Your Mom


Look at the laughs on our faces!

The sake was flowing non stop!

I feel like I haven't seen you in a while Meg. Do you remember the first time I met you we dropped you off at your house piss drunk making funny sounds? Hahaha!

I started teaching as Juli's assistant. Now look at me!

Wildgirlz have my heart. Love you Nessa and Jojo. I spy you too Kimtan, yes I love you too man. No homo.

Cile is the most competitive girl I know. She tried to race Vince and now Freddy. He was voted most athletic in high school! Plus he's black! Hahaha, JK!
Freddy Vs Cile at Fatch's Bday from Alvin Benavidez on Vimeo.
Imma just keep posting videos of whatever I find interesting too. View at your own discretion.

And the crowd begins to gather for the race. It's like Saturday nights in high school all over again, except instead of ricky racers its foot racers.

Why do the WGZ always gotta be gangsta!?!

Fatch is like, "Champagne? Where's the hard shit!?!" Toe Knee's like, "Party time!"

Ann is like the big sister Toes and I never had.

Rosie, Fatchie, Ellen and......Hillary Duff.

Pump dem fists in the air!

You know it was a good time when you end up like this. Precious! Hahahaha!

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