Sunday, January 18, 2009

Alvinisms 703

"If the wind will not serve, take to the oars."

-Latin Proverb

Did you know: That Mt. Soledad is a tribute to Korean War veterans. (Nanners weren't we wondering about this? I watched the news!)

Thought of the day: Ahhhh, the last of our adventures in Egypt. It was a long fun trip and a long tedious effort to do a recap of our expedition...but you know what. It was totally worth it. Going back I reminisce on how much fun we had and realized what good company I keep. So big thanks to Richard and Toe-Knee for making Egypt three times better. Next international trip?....England to visit Riz, Jay, Shopna, Kay, and Karl! It's on like Donkey Kong!

Sunday was my ultimate potato day. I lounged and chilled pretty much all day. Of course you know I can't resist a beautiful day so I did go for a quick ride but all in all it was a nice day of illin.

We did catch the 715 showing of "Notorious" which I must say surprised me as being a pretty awesome movie. In my head I didn't think you could do Biggie's life justice but they did pretty well. Puffy was hilarious though.

Monday is here and I'm back on the grind while I'm off:
1) Buy boxers (check, and bought a whole lot more)
2) Deposit checks (check, the small ones cuz the bank was closed)
3) Fax Egypt Air (check, and call again to confirm tomorrow)
4) Eat my first meal of the day (check, teriyaki chicken bowl at Sushi Hut. Yums!)
5) Return movies (no check, i might want to rent a movie later so I'll hold off for now)
6) Do something active (check, mountain biking w/ Toe-Knee at the PQ Preserve)
7) Finish Egypt blog (check, its been a long while and lots to catch up on)
8) Cook my lunch for tomorrow (check, Dinosaur nuggets, eggs, and rice!!!)

Food for thought:

Mmmmm...Mexican corn. Aye chiwawa!!!! Me encanta maiz de Mexico!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I do have work the next day but we shall see. You can't pass up a good time w/ good friends!

I liked Diamond since like 2000 so I'm pretty sure I'll be around.

Holy smokes, I might have to go to rehab.

So our 2:30 am flight from Luxor to Cairo got delayed...

So we missed our flight into Germany at 5 am...

And would have to wait till 4 in the afternoon and spend an extra night in Germany...

But we wanted to go home so we paid $360 for a different ticket to make our Germany to Washington DC flight...

But the plane broke so had to wait another night in Cairo minus our money. Look at the sign above. It reads "Have a nice trip". Oh the irony.

At points we thought we were going home so here I am happy and dancing w/ our cabbie. No homo.

But in the end we got screwed. This picture says it all.
$22 a night for 4 hours of sleep...WELL TAKE IT!

Hostel in Cairo from Alvin Benavidez on Vimeo.

We were so happy to be out of Egypt and in Germany.

But we couldn't get on 3 flights! So...

We take pictures to keep ourselves occupied cuz Europe is damn expensive!

Dressed to kill.

Dressed to...I dunno what's up w/ that face.


Happy cherries for happy kids ready to go home.

You can guess that Toes liked them.

Time to cross the Atlantic.

From Luxor to Germany Rich had to fly in a jumpseat but he didn't care. As long as we got the fuck out Egypt! Hahaha! Don't get me wrong the place is effin great!

But we got another scare when the SD flight from Chicago got cancelled. But later it got put up again. Thank you Lord.
What do you do after 10 Jack & Cokes in first class? You play chess by yourself while reading a book.

Upon arrival Terry was there to pick us up...w/ a police escort! Haha, thanks for risking it Ters. And Nans, thank you for waiting. I couldn't have been happier to see you. We're glad to back back!

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jenandkerosene said...

the kimtan impression? right on. HAHAHA

im lovin the videos from the trip. this is a close 2nd favorite after the ramses one.