Sunday, January 18, 2009

Alvinisms 702

"Today is the youngest you'll ever be for the rest of your life, so act like it."

-AJ's playhouse

Did you know: I have a birthmark on my right foot.

Thought of the day: Damn, I really gotta keep up w/ these Egypt Alvinisms cuz I got hella pictures from the past week to show. Damn!

Food for thought: There's plenty of authentic Egyptian food at the end of the post.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Don't you wish you saw the sunrise on the Nile from a Hot Air Balloon?

Woke up before morning to ride a hot air balloon. Luxor is pretty at night.

I spy TK and our new friend from London, Jay.

Blowin up!
It was only $60 to ride!

Good bye ground!

Wildboyz galactic!?!


See! I'm just taking it in! Damn it was sweet. Even if it was w/ dudes. (No homo) Good thing they were good friends.
Wish you were here.

Lush, dry, high, numerous, warm, there are too many words to describe what it was like up there.

We're going to England to visit our friend Jay, Riz and Shopna. Making friends is fun!

Egyptian sunrise.

TK taking it in, w/ a little solar flare.
The Temple of Hapshetsut from the previous Alvinism.

Wallpaper status.

I really like this picture. I think its because of the light hitting TK's eye, it makes you think about what he's viewing through his eyes and its coming through that light.
Rich taking it in.
Big things poppin.

Our pilot was sick, he took us right over some sugar cane where we grazed it.
Uh son.

The balloons are a lot bigger than I thought.

I love pictures like these!


This is how you prepare to land. What kind of dumbass look is on my face?

Kids were always around. Tip?

Back on the boat to head back to finally eat breakfast!

We're on the Nile!

These are our new facebook friends Riz and Shopna. I believe they're Indian but from Manchester. Awesome accents. Time to jet set again!

Omlettes w/ anything you want. I got mine w/ hella cheese and bacon and mushrooms.

All sorts of cheese and goodies to eat w/ it.

Pomegranite juice and some sort of honey juice. Not as good as our 8 glasses of fresh squeezed OJ.

Don't you wish you could have breakfast buffet w/ a view of the Nile?


Good bye Luxor! (so we thought)

While Rich took a nap...

I went to the pool to reflect on how awesome the whole Egyptian experience was.

So did Toe-Knee. Maybe I'll start something w/ photos of my feet.

A fresh Stella helps you relax too!

Hand in crotch.


Do you like how I'm looking at Rich? Hahaha!

Camera whore = Me

Yeah, that's not gonna work.

Wildboyz 4 life.We had nowhere to go so we went to McDonalds to use the free wi-fi. When do you get to eat french fries w/ the Luxor temple in the background.

America meets Egypt for sure.

We found our market that we were looking for. It was totally like Aladdin.

Millions and millions of nick nacks.

Haggling is fun when you win!

Egypt is for sure full of beauty and unseen splendors.

Our last dinner in Egypt (so we thought) was at an authentic Egyptian Restaurant where we tried a bunch of foods.

And Egyptian beer of course.

You know TK, he only does the hard shit. But it Egyptian!

Don't worry Richard, we got tons of pictures to look back to.


No comment?

This soup was dank! I forgot what it was.

Veggies, hummus and bread makes for yum Os.

Not sure what this was but it was pretty good. It was fried! So it has to be good!

Chicken curry son! Im getting hungry again.

Wrap it up w/ some dessert porriage of some sort.

Feeling good cuz we think we're going home!

I'm not picking my nose, I'm pointing at my brain.

Naughty Egyptian kids. Hahahaha!

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