Sunday, December 14, 2008

Alvinisms 673

"The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams."

-Oprah Winfrey

Did you know: The name Jeep came from the abbreviation used in the army for the "General Purpose" vehicle, G.P.

Thought of the day: I got kinda sad when I thought of how much time I'll spend on one Alvinisms and how little on the next. For example; this one kinda means a lot to me so I put a grip of pictures in it because I'd say this was one of the definite highlights of my year for sure. . But the next one might have like 5 pictures and will just push the other into the history. Ho well. Maybe I'll just leave it up for an extra day or so; but enjoy the pictures.

Food for thought:

Green tea muffin w/ red bean paste. Sounds interesting and I do like everything in there so it has to be dank!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

My birthday started off great by a morning visit by my best friend Elainne.

After teaching, it was off to San Diego Ice Co. to pick up...

Here she is carving out my new fav...

It's my luge!!! Sugoi!!! Yes Jomo, it does have a sexy figure.

Chris was the first brave to test it out.

Thank you early birds for getting the party started! I like how Terry wore the bandana. Hahaha!

Michelle tore a muscle in her side but still came through. That's love! Thank you mah!

The party wouldn't have been the same w/out the help of Lai and Preez. From the beginning to the end, these girls made it what it was.

Preez on the luge

Lai's turn.

These 6 were the first to go "around the world" w/ me. Jen, Nanners, ChimChan, Terry, and like 5 minutes! Haha!

Little Red Riding Hoods.

And the beginning of the Korean photoshoot.

Take 2.

Take 3.

Take 4.

Let's go the bridge!

"We are fun," says Annabelle.

Toe-knee's turn.

Jon's turn.

Fatch's turn.

Pete's turn.

Gelly did it and was ready to be checked off on her passport.

Look at Jomo coach Kimtan.

Team Egypt's Richard.

Damn, Steve got some real concentration going on! HAHAHA!!! Intense!

This is like my 5th time and 3rd w/ just my boxers on.

Nanners is either wave the flag for pride or she's waving it to surrender.

Essie's turn.

Look at my girls doing the dirty work and getting everyone drunk.

Jen's turn.

Rebekah came through!!!


I haven't seen Ryan since high school. Steve you don't look so tall here.

Cile is the prettiest Viet gangster. Ha!

Hi girlies!

Roomie is always soooo serious...NOT!

Vince makes some funny faces.

Steven and Sheryl sitting pretty.

BTW, If you were looking for the nekkid pictures I ain't postin em!!!

Als and Denson came all the way from the OC.


Suze, Cathy, Kimtan and Jenny are all smiles.
And I love you too.

Chach and I are 101 boyz 4 life.

I love my Fullerton girls.

Thanks Pat and Suze for coming through. I don't remember you guys being there though. Haha! Sorry! I blacked out!

Catty Cats, I heard you had to pull over to sleep on the way down. Thank you!

What is Harold thinking right now?

KJ looks Holy here.

Someone had a little to much eh?

Formality boyz.

Homie love.

Topping off the night w/ the dankest desserts. Thank you guys!

Leo flew all the way from San Francisco. Nutwood 4 Life!

From this angle it looks like a giant dick and they're about to swallow it down!!! Gotcha!

All I kept hearing was shit like "LET'S GO TO JAPAN! WHO'S DOWN FOR MEXICO! USA! USA! USA! BACK TO NORWAY!!!"

Sheryl is the ultimate of the HONK HONKS. Here she is giving Als a full frontal.

I heart you Frees!

Rhoda why do you look mad at Ollie?

I like how Als is posing w/ the rag, but I like Vince's face even better.

Big Willy Style even came through and went to Norway. There you go big daddy!

These are the passports done by Preez. She's started up an event planning company and you should see some of her work. Here's a little sample of Preez's Work

USA means Jack Daniels or beer, Mexico = Tequila, Japan = sake, and Norway = The Luge. We're all jet setters now!

I think Chris was gonna do an Austin Powers impersonation.

Thanks for the good time Mr. 300 lb. ice block. Till next time.
Photoshoot time!

My "oh the horror of the night" pose.

My "my head is not feeling good" pose.

Kimtan's "I dream of Alvinisms" pose.

I can't believe you guys crashed on the hard ass floor! I got a rug and bed upstairs man!!! Hahaha!

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