Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Alvinisms 658

"Nothings really planned because circumstances change and attitudes, expectations, weather, environment, everything is always different."

-Me while talking to Edwin about spontinaety

Did you know: Chris and I are running a half marathon in February.

Thought of the day: I just spent the best 10 hours w/ my family in Eastlake. 2 years ago I came back from Japan and people were wondering why so early, but I have absolutely no regrets in my decision because I might not be in the teaching position I am family.

Most of you know my history about family and how it was pretty jacked up growing up. But now everything is better and I appreciate it twice as much because it just goes to show that things CAN change for the better. Tha'ts a whole nother story. People can be different for the good. And yes even for the bad but thank God everything turned out amazing in my case. I hope everyone had a spectacular Thanksgiving and spent some time appreciating what's important to them. Peace.

Food for thought:

I don't think you can ever go wrong w/ a fish taco and some good sauce.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Angry Mamasitas from Alvin Benavidez on Vimeo.
Dude, you gotta watch this video of some crazy Latinas yelling at some chump when we went to LA. BTW, this was going on for like 3-4 minutes. It was hella funny.

Game time!!! 530 w/ Ollie first to Big 5, then 6 to Ritz Camera, then 630 to eat w/ Leo before he leaves, then gym, then work the Shop, then hopefully move. What a day that hasn't even started!

This is Ron's first and favorite bike. You can always remember you first love.

Ronnie's gonna help me get my feet wet in the BMX racing world. I almost bought a fixie w/ a flip flop hub so I can ride it as a single speed as well but...I like being in the dirt and off the road so this is naturally more fitting.

Ronald is a pool of knowledge when it comes to this stuff. Thanks for all your help buddy.

His lavender bike is just outrageously clean and sick. Thats why its not even in the garage.

Plenty of different colored rims to go around.

Those green ones hiding up there were ill!

The man and one of his prized possessions.

Check out this gem he found at the swap meet. At first glance it looks like a a lighter or beta max player but once it transforms...

Oh shnaps, its an OG polaroid.
Check out this twin reflex camera. Edwin used to have a sick Yashica but I don't know if he still has it. Ron also has a Holga from last year. Photography is fun.

Afterwards I went to meet up w/ Chris Penny and some friends for cocktails and food at Zocalo. this place was pretty dankage. Inside its definitely classy so don't walk in w/ flip flops and sweats.

I really was taken by how nice set up was. Our good friend Jeremy Steele works here. Aren't those two awesome porno names!?! Jeremy Steele and Chris Penny. Starring in "In Diana Jones: The Temple of Poon."

I should've taken time to take good photos but good company awaited. That's much more important.

Crab and lobster enchiladas will make you beg for more.

Thank you Carly for the hotels! Chris we gotta kick it more often. And Kristine, I can't believe all the coincidences we have. Ha! She helped w/ Willy and Shalihe's baby!

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