Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alvinisms 645

"It does not take a majority to prevail...but rather an irate, timeless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

-Samuel Adams (Thank you Joe Friday and

Did you know: Midgetland is real!

Thought of the day: Jomo answered one of my questions to why milk makes eggs fluffier. Here's his answer:

I think milk makes scrambled eggs fluffier because the protein in milk clings to the egg better than other liquids. It also when it clings to the egg, it expands the egg more so it can trap more heat and air, which I think makes the fluffiness (multiple air pockets). I've tried it with soymilk before which also has protein and it works. I've never tried with water or anything else though.

Good shit bro! Hahaha!

Food for thought:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions.

I heart Tajima food.

Chicken karaage. I can't believe some people haven't tried this yet.

Mayo + Sriracha (sp?) = Dank spicy mayo

Small regular ramen miso flavored thin cut noodles and an extra egg. Got it?

I love okonomiyaki. Okono means favorite you pretty much pick whatever you want in it. I wonder if they can put chicken karaage in it.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

The infamous Adult Emporium spot. I spy Vince, Richard, Daryl, and me doing a yog stretch from the warrior 1 pose. Uber nerds!

Check out my kids art work for the art show. They learned color palettes, warm colors, fall colors, how to use a ruler, fine motor skills, leaf shapes (ie ovate and pinnate), and what silhouetttes are. All from art. Teaching is fun.

After getting Leo's car we celebrated Shalihe's bday at the Santos residence.

Grill it up!

Round one. Minus half my plate already.

Round 2 minus half the plate again. It's hard to remember to take a photo when you're hungry.

Look at on of the toy shelves. Do you notice anything out of place? Check out the red arrow I put!!! Hahahaha! I'm family!

Don't forget to train for the Street Fighter Tournament this Sunday. Willy has an unfair advantage because he can practice at home.



Rack em up Chris. Yo Ryan, let's hit that BMX course!

After the Shalihe's we let the night continue at Modus for Anabel's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANABEL!!!


Lil Holly ain't little anymore. Leo kinda looks like Lupe on his shirt.

Steve doen't look as tall when he's sitting down.

Evan (Kids of Soul) taught me how to bboy. Thanks for all the bruises. I remember going to Beach Summer Jam w/ Joel, Eddie, Fatch, and all the KOS heads for the battle. Good times man.

We closed the longest day ever w/ the ladies and gentleman of Bumsville. Good times, good laughs, good day, and now good night!

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