Monday, November 10, 2008

Alvinisms 642

"Cute beans."


Did you know: I may seem like I'm in control when I'm drunk but I'm really totally blacked out.

Thought of the day: Where did the term "cool beans" come from? I always thought Bob and I started saying it when Willys Workshop first opened in 2000? And then Preez said she said since she was born, and I just don't know what's the origin of it.

While we're on questions, does anyone know if Smarties' different colors really mean different flavors?

And another question is how come when you add milk to scrambled eggs it makes it fluffier? Whatever.

Enjoy the pictures as much as I did because I totally blacked out on Friday and these helped me recall my night. Oh, and I'm sorry if I was jerk, rude, inapproriate, stupid, mean, or made out w/ anyone that was there. That was my alter ego msinivlA.

Food for thought:

What's better than candy and/or toys?....HOW ABOUT CANDY TOYS!!!!! Yum-O! Fun-O!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Friday was such a nice day that I just laid in the grass w/ my students and stared at the sky and asked them the first words that came to their head. They said thinks like, "warm, sun, sky, balloon." Hahaha! I love kids!

I like teaching them sports and art. Check out this rocket one of them threw.

Leo's back and this is the best way to come home. Hot mama holding a case of beer!

Or a good friend. Both are good.

Drew is following in big brother TK's footsteps. Except he dresses up a lot more than jeans and a white tee.

We're all skinny again!!! Until the weekend caught up and we ate and ate and ate.

$700 on my face! WTF!?! I don't even think my braces cost that much.

So this is Leo's new crew. I still think my truck is faster than that thing in the back. JK!
We started the party even earlier w/ vodka, beer, and Jack. Now you understand why I blacked out and threw up the next day.

Rhoda I salute you!

And you too fellow reader!

Stop by CVS for more alcohol and fun. Its Christmas time!

Is this some sort of pleasure condom?

This should be a default picture.

OMG, time to get even more faded! I love WBZ!!! Thanksgiving dinner w/ the whole crew coming right up!!!

Welcome to the fun car.

Happy birthday Kasey!!! Kasey used to dance for Team Millennia Junior when I was on TM.

Fulltown legends Kellie and Chachee. That's the biggest smile I've ever seen Chach. Ha!


Jen you're a sloot! Mwahahaha!

Hello 3/5 of the 101 crew. If you partied like us, you probably don't remember half of it. Ha!

Why is Gelly's arm and hand pink?

My 4'11" and under favs!

I'm trying to see your thoughts and Edwin is channeling a higher being.

Brotherly love...or gay love. You pick.

Can you find me? Haha!

You girls are fun times.

Dancers!!! The formation is off, back to rehearsal.
Smiling eyes.

Boner and Frees. That sounds funny.

Ollie's face is priceless and Richard is creepin!!! Hahaha!

There's a lot of love in this picture.

Thumbs up to Egypt!!!
3 of the Fab 5. OMG Preez, that's hilarious!!!

This should be a default picture too. Haha!
April why are you smelling me? Hahaha!!! What's w/ the face Jenny? OMG Chachee you're intense!!!
Frees and I doing some Kage Bunshin.
Do you think I should grow out my emo hair?

Thetas in the house. Rea (pronounced Ray) and Chachee. When I buy a wetsuit we'll paddle out this winter Ray.
Verna and I came up w/ a new term. Here is Verna "BENCHED" which means you're dunzos. Verna made the best memory of the night when she fell flat on her face on the sidewalk. Hahahahaha!
4 Life.
Chachee is pointing at what Fredo likes to look at.
The light skinned ones.
Dwen was there!?! I didnt even know!
What's going on!?! Suze who is that? TK do you even remember this? This Alvinism has so many questions!!!
This picture is funny! Gelly and Jenny have similar faces! I want a Red Stripe right now.
This is the gayest picture. Look at TK's and Chachee's face and then why is my hand holding TK like that!?!

Ollie are you trying to freak me from the back. I knew you were in the closet!

This is the picture of the night! Kimtan looks worried and April is going for the gold!

I musta told Frees something uber important. That's an intense face.

What are we doing? Play fight w/ Cheryl.

And I love you back Jenny! Fullerton!

Everyone was a mess that night. Welcome back Leo. Hello 20 lbs!

Drunk guy alert.

Someone give this guy a kickstand before he falls forward on his face like Verna.

Another fun filled weekend in San Deezy right Catty!?!

This picture says a lot. FAAAADED!!!

Perfect way to come back to San Diego.

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jomo said...

I think milk makes scrambled eggs fluffier because the protein in milk clings to the egg better than other liquids. It also when it clings to the egg, it expands the egg more so it can trap more heat and air, which I think makes the fluffiness (multiple air pockets). I've tried it with soymilk before which also has protein and it works. I've never tried with water or anything else though.

I hope I'm right haha.