Sunday, October 26, 2008

Alvinisms 630

"The best way to get approval is not to need it."

-Hugh Macleod

Did you know: For the past 14 days I've woken up around 7 o'clock or earlier...even on weekends. Hooray!

Thought of the day: Dammit! I spend a little over an hour trying to figure out how to make an animation or a sequence of photos in one frame but couldn't figure it out. So check in again later and hopefully I'll have figured it out.

Food for thought:

Frenched chicken drumsticks soaked in a sweet chile lime marinade for several hours then baked. The chicken was served with a quinoa salad composed of sauteed baby artichokes, shallots, Spanish chorizo, green onions, banana peppers, feta cheese, and a tangy lime vinaigrette.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Saturday morning started w/ 5 mile Run w/ Pam at Miramar Lake. What a way to start the day.

Then we walked for another mile to cool down. Thanks for chatting w/ me the whole time ma!

After a shower and quick rest, I headed out to a skate demo featuring Willys Workshop w/ these two knuckleheads.

Everyone's favorite Mexican, Christian Flores.

And the living legend himself, Willy Santos.

I spy our TM (Team Manager) Mr. Mike Stacks, and our two baby shop riders Chris Sarabia and Nolan Lively. Check to see the rest of the team.

He may look like a skinny skeleton but he's Mira Mesa's newest and youngest phenom. Check out our Shop video "Film This" to see for yourself.

Mike is the best tailgater when it comes to Charger games.

I love drive in movies. Who wants to make out?...I mean watch a movie!!!

All he has to do is show up and kids flock him.

I even got asked to sign an autograph that day. Shoulda done it.

This cat was from Mexico, check out how much air he gets. Later he does a double airwalk too. Skills.

One of our Shop groms came through after a week of convincing him. Lucky him he got to skate w/ our team. Nice b/s tailslide Brent.
Here's Chris warming up w/ a f/s flip.

Christian didn't land his shove-it late flip off the launch ramp. By the looks of it he's gonna taco this BAAAD!

Everyone loves Cato. Congrats on being an uncle man. Don't miss your fights next time son!

Finally shyboy Nolan comes out and busts a crooked grind on the low box.

Willy sure knows where to make his mark.

You knew exactly what you were doing Willy. Hahaha!

I forgot who these peeps were but that guy gave Willis and awesome shirt. Plus he really liked my In4mation/Irons collabo shirt.

In the distance Christian shows you his homeland. Viva the red. The white. And

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