Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alvinisms 612`

"For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness."


Did you know: I was the first employee of Willys Workshop to actually interview and try to get a job.

Thought of the day: Dang, that was 8 years ago, that I walked into Willys Workshop half empty, dressed w/ a "I'm too sexy for my tie" tie, and ready to rock and roll. When the Shop first opened it was mostly family that ran the spot and some of Willys skate friends; but lucky me I was buds w/ Fatcho (Willys bro) and I've skated w/ Willy and his ramp a few times so I kinda had my foot in the door.

So before George, Ollie, TJ, Freddy, Chris, Ojay, Vince, Althea, KJ, Raelynn, Jenny or any other WBZ or WGZ, I was there. Painting the walls, stocking the shelves, and messing w/ the OG Shop Rats.

Wondering why the nostalgia. Well it's Willy's birthday Wednesday and I just thought back of the memories we've made how The Shop has played an important part of us connecting and even having a job! Thanks Willy and Shalihe!!!

Think of all the events we've done, or the people that I've met through the Shop and skateboarding. Its sure is a whole lot more than if I just skated my way through high school w/out it. Think of the friendships made through the shop. I met my best friend, Elainne, through it and have gotten closer to even more of my best friends by working there.

So if you wonder why I rep the Shop and Willy a lot, its because I owe him and Shals a grip. We all do. So happy birthday Willy. You're still bakla though.

Food picture of the day:

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

After the Three 6 Mafia concert I woke up at 7 am to go for a jog around Miramar Lake.

Even the construction workers were hard at work.

The pier is like something from a scary movie.

This is where the innocent victim thinks they can get away on a boat going no where.

Half marathon in February w/ Nidah, Pam and Margie!!! If you wanna run, I'll be at Miramar Lake every Saturday. It also makes me not drink on Fridays. Hooray for not being a pear anymore!

I spy Black Mountain peaking through the mountains.

After a day of work w/ Chris, I headed back to the Lake for another run.

Lake at sunrise and now Lake at sundown for a bike ride with...

Fatchy Fatch and his fixie.

I'm out to take the bike for a spin. See you this weekend!!!


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