Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alvinisms 610

"Give to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself. "

-Robert Ingersoll

Did you know: The new Nintendo DS might have music playback and a camera!!! (For games that can integrate the player themselves. DS Nerds! Let's reunite!!!

Thought of the day: This weekend was the type of weekend I like. Started w/ a free concert. Who you say? Yup we were bangin shoulders w/ the crowd of Three 6 Mafia. Ghetto on the outside, another story inside.

Saturday I went running at Miramar Lake, went to work, then biked around Miramar Lake and called it a night. NO ALCOHOL! AMAZING!!!

Sunday I worked w/ a whole lot of free L&L's, watched the games, and Fatch and I had guests at the shop all day as we feasted. Pictures to come as you know so keep checkin! Have a great week my friends!

Food picture of the day:

This is my favorite of all the food creations. No matter how much I love curry and I love eating, it just makes you wonder where the curry might end up. GROSS!!!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

First and foremost, congrats Willy on joining the Satori Wheels skate team!

Since I couldn't make it to On Broadway, I met up Kaolee and Gelly to serve up some beer and sake. Check out how much they ordered! They got two more!
Fresh haircut. You can tell by the perfect line across her brows. Ha!

Look at Willy mackin on the leftovers. Thanks Kaolee and Gelly! Happy birthday!

Look at my shoes.

Now look at Freddys.

These are TJs. Notice anything?

I went out w/ the Santos' Fatch, Willy, and Vince to go see Three 6 Mafia.

I spy heaven in red and Willys amazingly well kept toes.

Oh man, you gotta love little pizzarias.

I had mushroom and ricotta cheese on one. Pepperoni, ricotta and jalapenos on the other. Amazing I tell ya.

Hooray, the Local Hero aka Edwin aka my preschool best friend was the other non-Santos to join the crew.

Thank you.

You know I can never say no to a bacon wrapped hot dog. See Mike!!! You can get em by U-31 and Golden Hill. Yum!!! Videos and pictures to come.

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