Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Alvinisms 606

"A light heart lives long."

-Irish Proverb

Did you know: Only male turkeys gobble

Thought of the day: Time to strap on my dancing shoes again cuz rehearsals start this week. Make sure you get Dec. 6th off to watch Prelude!!! Wow, I mems when Prelude first started that was my TM Captain year and we also opened the studio "Under The Bridge". Needless to say, it was a busy and difficult year.

Thank you to all who helped me through that year and the friends who gave me confidence, made dancing fun, and just kept happy throughout college and dancing. Without you guys none of these memories would've been created. I hope you had a good time at 101 and we shared some laughs and drunk talks together.

Food picture of the day:

I got a bunch of pictures of cool food plating from Erwin so you'll be seeing a lot of rice and good presentation. This bear gives me food coma.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Enter the night.

April, Jen, and Frees trying to act like they didn't down a bottle of Crown in the car.

Willy and Juli and a white lady in the back.

Thanks TK for ruining this picture of Fritzie and Ro! Gawrsh!

Can you spy the drunk guy?

My two favorite coworkers JRazcal and Frees.

Marking my territory.

I wonder what Ollie is thinking.

TK was pretty drunk too. He took off his shirt?

Wildboyz 4 Life.

Drunk guy! Hahaha!

Julz has a blog too, but he doesn't update often. CALLED YOU OUT SON!

Ren and Vince whispering sweet nothings.

Juli is one of my favorite coworkers at my other job at the school too!

Alan and I used to dance filipino folk together, now he's a Street Fighter beast and has the biggest mohawk in San Diego.

Best late night food next to Tajima. I left U-31 alone so I can eat in peace man!

TJ tacos w/ sour cream, cheese, guacomole, and hot sauce along w/ a bacon wrapped hot dog w/ all the fixins!

Soozie Q!!! You got me into myspace in college and now we're nerdy mobsters. Hooray for slutty pieces right!?!

I like Joe and Cindy. What a height difference!
And Joe loves me back. How come I look like I'm lost and I need comforting. No homo. Hahaha.

Hooray for new friends. Yuki right? See you again!

Vince and I ended up sleeping at Alvaro's Mexican Food till sunrise despite Frees yelling in the car for us to wake up. What a friggin night. From drunk tanks to sleepovers at Alvaro's, we're WBZ for life.


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