Sunday, September 21, 2008

Alvinisms 604

"Happiness depends upon ourselves."


Did you know: Team Millennia is trying for America's Best Dance Crew again.

Thought of the day: What was gonna be a chill one turned into a wild one. Well, we're Wildboyz for a reason. Have a good week friends. Find TK and at the Charger game. Lets go Bolts!!!

Food picture of the day:

Plump juicy nectarines from the farmer’s market were baked with a delicious brown sugar, oat and almond crumble mixture and served with homemade ice yogurt sweetened with acacia honey.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I love the military. America's the shit

Sammy loves making faces.
Guess who she gets it from.

Smiling eyes.

My dad was as Chief Petty Officer when he retired. Here he's pinning my brother Alan as he finally becomes one too. Did you know they both worked at pizza places before the Navy.

They made the new officers stay up all night. Here's Alan trying to catch some Z's.

Auntie Thelma and Reinah.

My brother has his own family. Proud.

Sammy is culit.

Those panels are where missiles get shot out of. Same w/ those sparrows in the back right.

I love free food.

Who says they danced and ran on top of missiles. WE CAN!!!

Fire away!

Our guns are bigger than yours.

Reinah you're so big now!

We ate at Phil's BBQ on Saturday to celebrate. Yums!

I love corn and juicy meat. Owwwwww!!!

If you don't know, I didn't really have much of a family growing up. I'm counting my blessings.

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