Saturday, September 20, 2008

Alvinisms 603

"The difference solitude and loneliness."

-Vince Santos

Did you know: Fatch, Rich, and I are flying to Egypt on Jan. 1st.

Thought of the day: I thought this weekend would be uber chill cuz I had no plans and I was open to anything. Thoughts of the beach, fishing, reading a book, or whatever were thrown out the window after a wild night at U-31. Lots of dancing, booze and friends usually ends up w/ a long nights sleep in your bed. But last night Vince and I ended up passing out in my car at Alvaro's till sunrise.

It actually was a nice sleep even thought Frees told me she was yelling at us to wake up INSIDE my car. Is that what that sound was? Ho well. Here comes round to of madness. So come join us at Bar Dynamite or Prospect. Holla back!!!

Food picture of the day:

Crusty sweet corn polenta was served in a warm pool of tangy cream of goat cheese, topped off by smoky romesco, sauteed sweet yellow grape tomatoes, and basil.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Lots of red cups means for lots of drunk people!

Just take it Jun!

Tony aka Papa TM watching the madness.

Smootches right back atcha mama.

The youngies of the the group.

Molly and Jun can take good fake sober pictures. Welcome to our frat named "Upsilon Theta Beta" other wise known as "UTB". Go figure.

Toby, this is the scariest picture. Sorry for egging your car. Hahaha!

AR moved down from the Bay to start his dancing career w/ us. Nice.

Trina may say she's the baddest bitch. But she's really a sweetheart.

Phong and Toy Box. Toy Box I still know you as Jon Bonner. You still the same of good guy.

Is that afro ninja!?!

Nice shirt Phong, rep it well.

Sunday morning hangovers are the best.

Your armpits must smell good.

I've never seen anyone spoon a chair before.

Got that "what the fuck happened look".

Kenny and I were looking for hidden beers the next morning.

Hope you freshies had a good time. Good luck this year TM. Be humble, have fun, find my hamster for me. Mwahahahaha!

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