Friday, September 05, 2008

Alvinisms 594

"Happiness is only real if shared."

-Alexander Supertramp (Into the Wild)

Did you know: Blends had their 4 year anniversary party yesterday at ONYX yesterday? Shit was mad fun!

Thought of the day: What I thought was gonna be a chill Friday and a wild weekend started w/ a long nap and wild Friday. Im almost scared of what's gonna go on tonight but fuck it. "GO AS THE WIND BLOWS" Right? And what my quote of the day meant to me lead me to some good times, good memories, funny talks, meeting beautiful girls, and lots of hugs and kisses. Why change whats good? So tonight is gonna be fun. Have a good time my friends.

Happy birthday Suze!!! I met this girl through the WBZ Vegas Trip 06 and we've been good friends ever since and she's been a party of the WBZ and WGZ family. Its funny how a little alcohol and a whole lot of fun and bring people together. Our earliest memory was of her kicking me out of Elainne's (my BEST friend) upstairs. I was "WTF? Im her Best Friend." and now we just laugh about it. Love you Snooze. Sorry I can't make it, you'll be passed out by the time I call or text you anyhow! Ha!

Food picture of the day:

Walnut bread, layered harissa flavored cheddar, smoked gouda, pimenton-stuffed olives and a pinch of za’atar. Grilled in goat butter. Smiles all around.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Cooking at Fatchs from Alvin Benavidez on Vimeo.

I love this video for some reason.

Frees and...who is that?

Brother and sister bear pre relay races.

April and Ollie. Ollie where did the Wu Tang symbol go!?!

It looks like there's a fire behind Kimtan.

Thanks for joining the fun guys! Joey, AJ, and I forgot were good sportsmen at kick/sloshball.

Frees did we learn that in yoga or salsa?

Stage 1 of the race: the wheel barrel.

Stage 2 of the race: the crabwalk.

Stage 3 of the race: flip cup.

Stage 4 of the race: spinneroonies.

Stage 5 of the race: bobbing for apples. Hahaha! Look at your face Frees!!!

Damn Sprigle might be crabwalking or he's just drunk. You look intense!

Just go get it homie!

Rene knows how to do it.

Why are my legs like that?

Get it Cile! There's some pho down there for you too.

Tristan played kick/sloshball and bobbed for apples in a nice shirt. Ha!

Orrie!!! Open your eyes to get that fuckin apple!
TK and Cile got in the big arguement about cheating in the game. Key word: GAME. Hugs and kisses were given after it was solved. Ha! Drunk asses.

We played so many games that the sprinklers turned on in the park. And we moved the game to the dirt and under the lights.

I love our WBZ and friends gatherings. And the people we share it with. Emo.......Ha!

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