Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Alvinisms 592

"Every artist was first an amateur."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Did you know: Salsa is a hell of a workout!

Thought of the day: I love being active. Yoga, biking, skating, running, breaking, fishing, and whatever the wind blows my way. Ever since I stopped dancing cuz I moved out of Fullerton I had to find ways to keep my endorphins poppin ya know!

Well this past Sunday and Monday were bananas and now Imma be going up to Fulltown Saturday and Sunday for a whole lot of fun. Yippeee!!! Look out weekend cuz...HERE I COME!!!

Food picture of the day:

Whole wheat Belgian waffles with dried blueberries in the batter with fresh farmer’s market organic strawberries and peach, cinnamon sugar and warm maple syrup. Who has time in the morning to make this shit!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Get started in the parking lot.

Chicks w/ glasses. Nuff said.

The black Cinderella. Ha!

That spot next to you looks comfy! Hollaa!

Lucky straw. Hollaaa!!!

I nicknamed Cathy "Nanay" cuz she had the blanket on.

Bless! See you on the next next weekend ma. Full day of San Deezy!
Fullerton girls are buck!

Oh my, did you know Kimtan and Baby Ross are twins!?!

Willys Workshop represent nucka. Alvinism, Sprig, Fatch, Chad.

Lovely ladies everywhere.

I love my TM girlies. LA this weekend!

Harold made my day, weekend, month. He's the coolest person you'll ever meet. Brasil!!!

Mr. Willy Santos made an appearance too, with the Rock's eyebrow.

Jenny, you love that face. And Tristan, how come your eyes are closed in a lot of pictures?

I forgot how these tights ended up on me.

Razo and Kimmy prepartying or afterpartying? Who knows, but the party didn't stop till Monday night.


Hahaha! Party stopped for this guy a long time ago.

Gay wrestling w/ Chachee.


Damn, Jenny, Harold and Fredo got you good. Hahaha! Did you guys still smoke those cigarettes?

Fulltown boyz train the hardest for nights like these.

Jen and Mr. No Football Team. Hahaha! JK Harold!

Vegas November.


This picture sums up one of many different things that night. Why is Sheryl trying to bite Jenny's boob?

Can you guess how I ended up the next morning?

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