Friday, July 18, 2008

Alvinisms 560 Beaches

"Go home and love your family."

-Mother Theresa (when asked what can be done to promote world peace)

Did you know: A guilty conscience motivated the Alfred Nobel (inventor of dynamite) to establish the Nobel Prize w/ funds from his will and testament.

Thought of the day: Life has finally turned around

Paid my credit debt (big relief)
Finished school (finally! grad party:)
Healing wound (still sore and gross)
Egypt (hooked up!)
Saved money (Vegas!)

The one thing I am bummed about is that my wound isn't fully healed so I wouldn't go snorkeling w/ sharks till later. Blood + Sharks + My Luck = Bad News. So time to postpone for later. This weekend still looks good...especially The Dark Knight w/ 25 friends on Sunday!

Now for my bit on what makes San Diego America's "Finest City". Well, we have the beach which destroys what most cities have anywhere. Think about it. Only a handful of cities anywhere in the world have beaches; let alone surf, hang out at, or chill by yourself. Some people do their honeymoons right here in our backyard to celebrate a crowning moment in their life. They'll be frolicking next to the local who just woke up and wanted to surf one before getting a Beer Buddy at Pizza Port. It's amazing.

Most San Diegans don't take advantage of what is right here; but I do. And I'm thankful as shit that we have our beaches.

San Diego beaches are beautiful 24 hours a day.

This barrel seems really shallow. But its a beautiful picture.

Another thing about beaches is that you can meet so many people. Sometimes while waiting for a wave I'll chat it up w/ someone. I've met businessmen, Aussies, surf chicks, you name it.

You can lay out in the sun while people watching. And when you get tired, bored, or hot, go dip in the biggest swimming pool in the world.

Dude, I love San Diego. You don't see or feel this in Milwaukee do you? Nope.

This is a picture of Kimtan and I on a flat day at Del Mar.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Going to the kids section in the library takes me back. The Berenstein Bears!

Shel Silverstein is a genius. The Giving Tree is one of the best books ever written; on many different levels.

Lookout for the movie, Where The Wild Things Are.

I love Thursdays cuz we give the kids the opportunity to cook for themselves. This week's menu had tomato rice, mashed potatoes w/ butter, carrots and brocolli.

And the freshesteshest mangoes and honey dew. I love fresh fruit.

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