Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Alvinisms 551

"Mental toughness is to physical as four is to one."

-Bobby Knight

Did you know: The word "America" may be based on the name of Italian explorer, Amerigo Vespucci, who is thugh to have visited the Americas in 1497.

Thought of the day: So here is where the root of my evil has come from; eating, eating, and eating. No matter how much activity I do I still manage to eat 2 as much as I burn off. Hence, I am not the cut or buff stallion you'd imagine me to be. J/K. Everyone knows I eat a grip (a 10x10 and 2 double doubles at In N' Out, carne asada burrito and carne asada fries and 5 rolled tacos at Rodrigos, or just finishing everyone's plate). And me not being especially tall it doesn't get very spread far. So all that bad stuff builds up pretty quick but I've never really got hit w/ anything till Saturday. My first food poisoning or stomach flu ever. It blows. I won't go into any details cuz I don't wanna gross anyone out.

Tuesday is here and I spent it studying at the library and then at Borders for a total 5.5 hours. Went home to eat, then studied for 1 more hour. Plus my tummy feel soo much better. All smiles here. Get er done son!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

At this moment I have no concern over Vegas, I'm just studying...everyday for the next 2 weeks or till I'm done w/ my ish. Good bye social life.

4th of July started of w/ a good ol American In N Out Double Double.

At one point there were 18 people behind the counter. I wonder why?

Jen and I were supposed to chill and read but it turned into Ninja Warrior day and amazing divng catches into the pool day.

Ollie is saying to himself, "how the fuck does this thing start?"

He got it done and cooked up some burgers. This is mine w/ cheese, bacon, and spicy mayo.

Tristan and TK taking their turn at the grill cooking up some of Kimtan's dank carne asada (from the store of course).

As we watched Event Horizon and played Caps Tristan was kind enough to buy us some White Castle Burgers.

And Ro and I whipped up some grilled cheese sandwiches. I think I'm beginning to see why I might have gotten sick in the stomach.

God bless America. Damn your cheap beer! I think that's what did it!

One thing you probably don't know about me is that I almost enlisted in the Marines the day of Sept 11, 2001.

Chillaxin weekend before a few days of writhing in pain.


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