Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alvinisms 542

"Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening."

-Greta Garbo

Did you know: I have a birthmark on my right foot.

Thought of the day: What was supposed to be a night of studying turned into a chill night at Eddie's place. But that didn't work out cuz Jenny and Jojobean and I wanted to say hi and happy bday to the folks at Onyx/Thin, but lo and behold we got in wearing out tshirts and sneakers. So, it ended up being a club night. Ho well. Fun times. Happy bday to Black Mike and Dez!!!

Time to hit up Moonlight Beach for the KOS BBQ/Bonfire. Sponge!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Smash his face w/ that corn!

I was so excited to have White Castle, and it was fried! But...

It was so fried that it took away the burger taste, total disappointment.

Kool-Aid pickle. Throw it down Apes.

Gelly's turn. Dang ma, you gotta roll your eyes back too? Hahaha.

Ro hates pickles but since we all tried he had to. He hated it so much that he did a little gross dance after.

This one is for the skydive crew. We're skydiving in Vegas baby! August 8th weekend, mark ya'll calenders. If you've ever wanted to dive, this is the best opportunity cuz it's w/ a lot of friends, you're in Vegas, and then we can still party afterwards like rockstars!

Brick. Sorry man.


Flailing arms and legs everywhere.

I've never had something so colorful between my legs before.

Now that's hot.

What are we looking at?

Oh, its Orrie and Apes. Ollie are you scared so you're holding onto the bars?

She ruined the picture.

I'm still watching her walk away.

Gelly finally found the giant trunk she was looking for.
They had friggin bullfrogs. I just got the goldfish and then gave it to my kids.

Her toes popped out the whole night. Like all 15 of them were stuck. Wassup Gimpy!

Funnel cake sounds good right about now.

We caught this guy copping a feel for like 5 minutes. Get it boy.

Ollie and Apes chose to do the same. Get it girl!

We take good pictures. And then...
We take these. Ha!

We can feel the vibrations in our loins. Orgasm faces on!

My work gave me a bunch of passes and tickets and I chose to share w/ my parents instead of going again. Have fun ma and pa! Love you guys!

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