Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alvinisms 541

"Humor is a reminder that no matter how high the throne one sits on, one sits on one's bottom."


"I love the smell of new wood."

-My stupid ass when we were walking around in Del Mar Fair by the wood carving place. Its true though! My dad and I did and still do carpentry like building cabinets, fun boxes, skate rails, tables, shelves and things. So I love the smell of nostalgic to me. Dammit!

Did you know: I like fair rides more than roller coasters. Something about a ride that can be put in the back of a truck and reassembled by some carnies just spells disaster somehow someway. That's what makes it funner and scarier.

Thought of the day: Here's a random thought. Lots of things bring smiles to my face from a nice view to finding a lost sock and lately I've got a few pleasant surprises that have made my day. Can't tell you what but the world always looks better behind a smile. Try it!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Chessboxing is the deal man. Checkmate or knock them out. Smart guys can be tough or tough guys can be smart. Bobby Fischer meets Kimbo. What's not to love.

9:00 in the morning and when we finally get to UCSD this is what happens. Way to start the day Toes.

My best friend Lainnee was there to support Cile of course. Yes I brought an umbrella, shits hot man!

The Lagunas enjoying the paparazzi.

Me and the graduate. We should've taken one w/ Lai too and complete our crew!

Fatch was melting awaaaaaayyyy!

Boyfriend has to carry all the good while the celebrant takes pictures.

This is my third plate at her house. I ate: cheese wontons, ribs, salt & pepper chicken, pasta w/ pesto, short ribs, and I can't remember the rest. Then I drank beer and then played football in our league, it wasn't the best choice I've made in my life.

Flip cup Boys vs Girls. Ya'll need to step your game up son!

Rose trying to let the dogs out. Rally the troops mama.
Party one of the quadrathalon, wheel barrel race.

Part 4 was bobbing for apples. Girls have an unfair advantage; they're used to bobbing. DANG! Yeah I said it!

Frees, this has to be the weirdest position I've ever seen. Cile no cheating! We all saw you earlier.

Jenny might have almost drowned. But check out Steve lending a nice helping hand. Ha! Yeah boy!

Fred's fro soaked up half the bucket.

Kimtan had the scorpion walk down.

Gotta get this game going yah know!

The Ballz family gettin down. Look how much fun it was!

Topsy turvy after drinking and spinning.


Out of beer so we turn to liquor flip cup.

Jay-Z said it best, "I love girls, girls, girls, girls. Girls I do adoooorrrrre."

Chris and I are mirrors. WBZ 4 Life. Where did some of the party go!?! WTF!?! Make sure you get the weekend of August 8th off for Vegas everyone!

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