Monday, June 23, 2008

Alvinisms 539

"The more passions and desires one has, the more ways one has of being happy."


Did you know: Willys Workshop added a new shop rider from Hawaii. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the young phenom, Aaron Cano.

He's from Hawaii. He's a young cat. He's got good pop.

Thought of the day: You probably hate seeing my ugly mug in a lot of the pics but I have to do it. Swear! Cuz if I didn't I'd have to ask them for a picture solo or candid (which is cool sometimes). So yeah, bare w/ me cuz I don't like looking in the mirror in the mornings sometimes too.

Saturday is gonna be dope if I can get my shift covered so we can hit up Moonlight Beach for the KOS (Kids Of Soul) beach day and bonfire. Excited!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

This guy stopped the 405 freeway to skate!!! I dunno if its some sort of gas related message or just something we've all wanted to do. I didn't believe till I finally saw it. Awesome

Thanks Frees for escorting me to the show! Hope you had a great time w/ the kiddos!

We look like we work at some sort of restaurant.

From the kids POV.

Sorry not many photos of the show but I can't put pics of my kids. But here some some from PB at Johnny V's for Rhoda's Bday.

Ballz, Ly, and Laggy Lags before the madness.

Mary Grace had her first stoplight on me at TGIF when she first turned 21. Remember that!

This girl is one of my downest, closest, most reliable, and fun friends. Love you Rhods.

CAREVJ in the house!

Ollie and Apes take nice pictures.


Don't mess w/ Nutwood.

Big smiles!

There's a meeting the ladies room. What are ya'll chismising about?

Harold, you ready to play football again! Wildboyz 1 Mira Mesa 0.

Where the hell are the rest of us!?! Dang man!

Someone is having fun. Yay!


Kimtan and Nessa and...who's hand is that?

UFX reunited.

The Ballz family both are fizzaded!

Ollie's been doing this since like middle school.

I don't know what kind of pictures I take when I drunk.

I was greyed out (almost blacked out) like this picture shows by this time. Thank you to all designated drivers always.

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