Saturday, June 14, 2008

Alvinisms 530

"To do anything truly worth doing, I must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger, but jump in with gusto and scramble through as well as I can."

-Og Mandino

Did you know: Mosquitoes have teeth.

Thought of the day: SKYDIVING IS THE SHIT!!! Man, honestly there is nothing scary about it except dropping and not knowing what its gonna feel like but that lasts 1-2 seconds and the rest is like the best time of your life. Actually that part was awesome too! Pictures to come once Mike and Eric send me their pics. Have a happy Happy Fathers Day!

Here's a snippet of us drinking in the car before the jump and after a monster burrito. Pictures and videos to come later.

My dad is my idol in a lot of ways, he's taught me to do everything from riding a bike to building my own cabinet and table. He's motivates me to try everything and to just a jack of all trades. You know, I'm not extremely good at one specific thing but I can hold my own on a whole lotta things and because of that I've been able to make sooo many friends in different areas and learn about their different walks of life. And I thank my dad for that.

You know those adults whom you go to for the random things and bits of information that you know that probably no one else will know how to do? That's him, and that's what I want to be, except my own version. Thank you Dad, I love you.

-Al-vin-ism of the Wildboyz

After work on Thursday Frees and I went to Oggi's to meet up w/ some of the friends. We brought a 40 along to speed up the buzz process.

Thank you Ross for dropping off some hot as hell but dank lumpia to the shop. Frees decided it was a good idea to bring her ba-on into Oggi's to share.

Lyle got Lasagna Soup. I've never seen lasagna in a bowl before.

You never go wrong w/ pizza.

Anti Lakes show peeps unite! This is when they were down by 24, that's why I'm kawawa.

Frees tried their imitation Blueberry Wheat. Not as a good as Callahans. I just noticed she was double fisting it w/ the pizza too. Porkers!

Fatch came up supporting guess which team?
Shmee shmaa shmoo shmaa.

This is us when they came back from 24 points! Yeah, one 40 and and a pitcher of beer will do that to your face.

Hahaha, Cile has this habit of trying to scare people walking to their car. Look at the predator in action. Lots of pics to come. Sorry for the lack of updates and shmaa.

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