Sunday, June 08, 2008

Alvinisms 526

"You know the funniest thing happened last night, I lost my pet deer."

-Laguna in response to my "did you know"

Did you know: Jenny ran over a deer. Yup, a real deer.

Thought of the day: Saturday was fun day that started of w/ working w/ my best friend Fatcho at MM Workshop. Then we headed over to Steve's house for his graduation party. You gotta love house parties man. CONGRATULATIONS STEVE!!!

Free food and drinks all day. No need to dress up, just go, smile, and have a good time. The day was filled w/ biking, skating, pictures, football, food, more food, more food, stories, hahas, and good ol fashioned fun. Then night time came and yeah so did the beer and Jack. We killed nearly 100 beers playing flip-cup and beer pong and when they were done we started playing Jack Pong. Shots of Jack Daniels at 1 in the morning is not a good idea.

I guess that's why I felt like shit Sunday because I took 3 naps and pretty much stayed in bed until our football game.

We lost our game, but its okay its our first time playing in a league for like 2 years and already figured out what we need to do and where we need to improve. But it seems we're all in shape for this and ready to handle some business so come and support Team Infant Sorrow on Sunday nights at Poway High. Thanks.

-Al-vin-ism of the Wildboyz and 101

Dance MTV User =About Me= Video - video powered by Metacafe

I'm proud of TM. Kleng, you words and actions made me soooo proud.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREESSSSS!!!! I put this picture up because this Saturday we'll be skydiving for her bday! I'm excited!

Freezers aka Althea is one of my bestest girl friends. We are the nerdiest people together and we don't care what others think. Not only is she obviously beautiful, but she's geniune, sweet, funny and bring out the best in me. Thank you Frees for being you.

Friday night I crashed at Fatchos and when we woke up to go to work, his mom put Mr. Magoo on the table. He's too scared to jump away.

It's always nice when old friends just come by the Shop to say hello cuz they know there will be a friend here. Rene and I go back 10 years ago when we thought we were hard. Thanks for the reppin the shirt too man! Sorry not many pics, I've been busy, lazy, and too hungover to whip out my cammie.

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