Thursday, May 22, 2008

Alvinisms 514

"Promise only what you can deliver. Then deliver more than you promise."


Did you know: I made a promise to learn how to fix cars in general. I'm still looking for a class that can fit my schedule (meaning 530 pm or after). Can anyone help me please?

Thought of the day: Dammit, I do all these things like running, skating, and biking to keep

Think about it, you eat like at least 3 times a day. That's 3 chances to make yourself happy. So fuck it, make yourself as happy as you wanna be I say...and I live by it.

Sunday was swimming and Hooters RB, Monday was running and TGIF w/ my fam, Tuesday was congrats night for Rose and Nessa at Bar Basic, Wednesday was biking and random at Min Sok Chon, Thursday was work (and one of the greatest hook ups! Thanks B, lets ride homie!) and the Hooters and the WBZ (imagine 18 dudes and 200 free wings and a 200 dollars worth of pitchers.) The weekend hasn't even started. All I have to say is that the wind is blowing in the funnest directions and life and has been sooo good to me. I totally appreciate what's going on right now.

Just got back from a 30 min. night ride around the neighborhood. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Al-vin-ism of the Wildboyz and 101

Nothing goes better w/ after swimming like Daytona wings from Hooters.

Hot wings w/ bleu cheese or ranch? I choose both and honkin chunks of bleu cheese.

We saved one wing in memory of someone saving the world.

Enjoy! like mess hall food so...enjoy anyway!

Monday I worked w/ Frees aka Althea and I was starving so I went to Vons to get some healthy snacks. Disneyland!

Mom, Dad, and my cousin Louie. He just turned 21 and is boy genius; doctorate and has written 2 books already...and baks.

My 2 year old niece Sammy aka Samantha loves me! Run girl run!!!

Reinah is now 9 and is totally emo. No for real she is.

My first family that I ever really got to know.

When dinner is on the parentals I order anything I want! This time it was New York Steak and 2 Blue Moon beers.

Kids cheese pizza and fries should also come in adult size. Its good, I ate some of hers.

Sammy is a messy eater. I wonder who she gets it from?

What are you looking at!?!

I told you I eat a lot! I finished Sammy's mac n cheese.

The fam and Louie. Family is good. All types of family.

Before Tuesday night I got to hang w/ Nah again. I love my nieces.

Sammy laughs a lot. Look at her showing off her abs. What the!?!

They love my room cuz of all the toys and gadgets.

Congrats to Rose and Nessa for finishing their third trimester! These are the oldest WGZ in the crew. The OGs of it all. I've been friends w/ each of them for at least 12 years yo!

Love you Josephine (Jojobean, Jo, Jojo), Chery (Ellen), Rose (fun bags, Rosie), Vanessa (Nessa), Rhoda (Rhods), and Jenny (Chinese).

Louie thought TK was cute. Ha! It's a compliment right T?

Camera whores. Suze where were you!?!

But Rosie is the ultimate camera whore. You should see her tat on her back, its huge and gnarly.

Still posin. That's my "OMG, I'm deeply distressed face." That's Rose's I'm a hard and sexy chola face."

Nessa always wins the award for most bubbly.


This Rosie's and Ellen's "Ugh, you wanna take pictures of me face." (Secretly they do, watch.)

Rose says, "Then fuckin take it!" Ellen says, "Heeeelllllll yeah bitch!"

"We's gangsta!"

Even when Rose isn't drunk, she always wins the "Time of my Life" award.

Rose's "You talkin shit" face. And Ellen says, "Haha, yeah they are."

"Awwww hell to the no!"

Congrats girls, I don't need medical insurance thanks to you tow and Lainee now. *Check out Rose's right arm! WTF!?! You got buffer arms than me!
Of course, Louie wants a picture w/ Andrew of Hoey Inc. and Rogene of

I tried to take a candid, but Rhods always knows when a camera is around. Fun times.

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