Friday, May 09, 2008

Alvinisms 502

"The essence of pleasure is spontaneity"

-Germaine Greer

Did you know: During your lifetime, you'll eat about 60,000 pounds of food, that's the weight of about 6 elephants.

Thought of the day: So it's been Teacher Appreciation Week and boy do I feel appreciated. Not only is my job fulfilling it's got tons of perks that I never thought of! I seriously love both of my jobs so much, 1st grade teacher and working at Willys Workshop. Now if only I could hit the lottery...

These are gonna be some catch up Alvinisms so bear w/ me for a while for recent pictures. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and 101

Frees and I fix the shirts and take random photos. And yes we watch Naruto and have hour long conversations about it.


BTW, Jimmy Cao (Willys Workshop, DVS, City, Powell) has his own shirt from City so come through and support your local skate shop rider as he makes it bigger and bigger!

Sunday was the PQ Fiesta and its always close to where Ollie's mom's office is.

Its gotten better thanks to the skate course that gives people something to watch and a lot of kids to come out.

If you're fam you get the shade. I spy Ryan, Jordan, Nate, Noah and Stacks.

Our booth is always full because of the raffle and spin wheel.

There goes Christian, like Lupe Fiasco says "Kick, Push".

My Mexican brother Christian, Chris Henry and Willis on the megaphone.

This is Terrance. He was the Workshop's very first sponsored kid 8 years ago, we got funny pictures and stories of back in the day. Now that he's back in Daygo he's gonna try to raise his game again.

After the Fiesta, I went to the airport to pick up Gelly in her hot red pants, should've taken a picture. But afterward we at this spot called Brian's by her work. They got over 100 things on their menu!

Mashed potatoes w/ grave, the dankest mac n cheese and....a veggie burger! I thought it had chicken in it but I was so wrong. Cheese, mayo, sprouts, mushrooms, avocado, ranch, lettuce and tomatoes. But it was still good!

Gelly had some sort of Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict I think and apple juice. Potatoes, eggs, cheese, breakfast foods are sooo good anytime they should just call it anytime foods.

Mama's engine light turned on so she was kawawa in the her car. Don't worry girl! My light has been on for like 5 years! Welcome back and then good bye again. Sooner than later ma.

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