Sunday, April 27, 2008

Alvinisms 494

"Trouble is only opportunity in work clothes."

-Henry J. Kaiser

Did you know: A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 6 years

Thought of the day: Well, the weekends always come and fly like everyone elses; but mine have felt like they last 25 minutes because so many things happen and there is still so much to be done.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I have no pictures from Friday night at Pizza Port w/ Gelen and the coworkers. The place was packed and we ate beer buddies w/out cheese (oops forgot!). Overall it was a chill fun night w/ some new faces and new friends. Random stop at 19th and then bunions and Tottee. Till next time.

Saturday started off w/ the healthiest meal in the world. Little Freddy (his Uncle and pops own Rodrigos taco shop) came through and took our orders for whatever we wanted so I got a chimichanga w/ sour cream, cheese and smothered w/ enchilada sauce. Afterwards KJ, Justin and I took dumps back to back to back.

My replacement at the shop came late so I didn't get to meet to pros but they did sign the wall. Here is Colin McKay and Lindsey Robertson.

Greg Myers.

And Ryan Gallant. You can see some these guys in games like Tony Hawk or EA Skate.

The DC wall at Mira Mesa Workshop.

TJ's little brother Erico looks like TJ/Elvis to me for some reason.
Jamie Palmore and Cato Williams ride for The Shop...and Vox and Sk8Mafia and Ice Cream and BBC.

Jamie Palmore is now on Sk8Mafia. Recognize the steeze.

Nice guys that can skate. Sugoi.

Once a bboy, always bboy. JRaz and I go way back.

All smiles? Kinda?

Kim and Theresa are DownHepSwearWild Girls.

There's the nize smiles!

Orrie, JRaz, Andrew and Alvinism doing it. Watch out for Hoey Inc this year! Homies unite!

It was Theresa's son, Landon's birthday earlier. We had a wedding and bday at the park, that's why I'm so dark.

Fatch you look like a baby!

The Filipinos didn't wear the Filipino shirt but Cato did.

I don't know what George's face says in this picture.

I spy Mr. Mira Mesa, Muuuurrrry, and Ojay about to sneeze.

You can find Alex on so go support and show your love for Glen, Rogene and friends and all their hard work by visiting the site!

If a pictue can tell a thousand words then all these faces can make a library. Insert your own caption for each person.

Ha! But this one face alone is a library. Sea-Cile is a smiles.

April that Patron bottle is as big as your head! Thank you Costco!

Coffee and Cigarettes entrepreneur aka SD's finest aka my preschool best friend aka Edwin in the house!

Here's a good look at the shirt of the night.

And now the live version. Fatcho was wearing the OG shirt that was made by Commissary w/ Willy on the front.

Uh oh, you know I'm feeling good when I start go-going.

What can I say? I like to move.

Quick check on the armpits to make sure I still smell good.

I spy Shalihe, Shem and Lakan aka DJ L.Dula he's probably one of my favorite DJs, you should listen to one of his CD's cuz its soo unique and makes you move. No Top 40 here.

Oh my the pizza, pepperoni and sausage equal and orgasm in your mouth.

The pepperoni was hanging by the cheese for like a minute. Oooooo cheese.

Willy wonders to himself, "why did I hire this guy 8 years ago." First employee!!!

Ladies love the Bboy Jrazcal.

SD's best dancer KJ Gonzales, shop rider Andrew Sprigle, and the man behind everything Orrie.

TK is so damn long! Soon my friend, soon.

Chad White is a great teacher and motivator when on the skateboard.

Look at Rolondo's face in the back!!! Ha!

Did we battle J? Whatever. Time to start bboyin again too.

This is maybe 1/4 of the people who were rockin Mr. Mira Mesa shirts.

WBZ always look out for each other.

Dang, first late night dinner not at Alvaros. Best friends all gathering up

Good times, good memories, lots of laughs.

Chompage w/ some friends TK, KJ, JR, and Alvin. I wish I had a cool abbreviation.

Beefy cheese melt. Of course I get the food w/ cheese.

Look at Olan's face!!! It says, "Hun, I'm fuckin hungry can we please order!?!"

KJ dances even more than me! Jenny and KJ are husband and wife. JR has no idea what's going on.

This picture says, "Shmee shmaa shmoo shmaa!"


When we got back to TK's there was a posse in the garage of Drew's friends. End night, fun times.

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