Thursday, April 24, 2008

Alvinisms 492

"A laugh is a smile that bursts. "

-Mary H. Waldrip (I know I've used this quote before but I always thought it was true and pretty cool)

Did you know: A male emperor moth can smell a female emperor moth up to 7 miles away.

Thought of the day: Thursday was bananas. Tell you about it later w/ pictures. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and 101

So I finally changed my oil after a long time and I'm not proud of it. And I cleaned the filter of my filter charger. My truck is the oldest car of all the WBZ but still runs like a cat. Just an old cat.

You know, I was under the truck when I realized probably not many people go under their own car so I chose to show you mine. Hello shock and oil filter.

Hello chassis, axle and muffler. I remember when my dad caught me installing my own Gibson exhaust w/ a saw under my truck he flipped out. Since it turned out just fine he helped install my K & N filter charger.

I just jammed out to Lupe Fiasco on my ipod and baby speaker. Shit rocks!

On the way to Lucha Libre, Allan took a nap in the car while Frees and I chismissed in the front. Boooshhhh!

If ya'll don't know, this is Washington Street skatepark behind those fences. If you can't hold your own, don't even bother coming around.

We were too lazy to walk around so we hopped a fence, climbed down some dirt and jumped down a concrete wall.

So glad that we came here, cheap food, good food, lots of fun stuff to look at.

Luchador mask seats what!?! Nice zebra print, ha!

DDT Loaded Baked Potato (this thing was the size of a small watermelon) = marinated steak, shrimp, bacon, and mushrooms. Topped w/ melted cheese (Ed got it on the side) and super secret chipotle sauce.

Surf & Turf Taco = Marinated steak, shrimp, and avocado slices, smothered in special sauce.
QuesoTaco = Grilled crispy cheese filled w/ marinated steak, topped w/ more cheese special sauce, and avocado slices. My fav of the night!

3 Rolled Tacos w/ Guacamole - Beef topped w/ lettuce, pico de gallo, and a mound of cheese.

TJ Hotdog = hotdog wrapped in bacon, add the fixins you want. I just wanted mayo and cheese. Only $1.50!!!

Triple Squealer Quesadilla = Ham, bacon, and chorizo in melted cheese, topped w/ sour cream.

The bathroom and all around the restaurant was full of Luchador memorabilia. It was pretty dope.

I don't know how my camera got smudged, but here is Willy and Frees mackin down on some gelato and Gelato Vera! Super good! You gotta try the brownies and cream!

Nice faces guys!

Fatcho's face says, "hmm, what is the fantastic sensation in my mouth?" Edwin's face says, "just eat the damn thing!"

Willy and Eddie measuring up to each other.

Oh what!!! We got a luchador on the loose! Who can it be!?!

He's gonna jump on you cameraman!!! Move it!

But it turn out the cameraman was luchin' too!!! Hahahaha!

Allan, Frees, and Alvinism doing their best impression of the picture below.

I hope you enjoyed the adventures of Wednesday and more to come on Thursday. Overall it was one of the most random and fun nights in a while. Thank you to Willy, Shalihe, Fatch, Ed, Al, and Al for coming out for some random fun. Till next time my friends. Keep luchin!!!

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