Sunday, April 13, 2008

Alvinisms 484

"Luck is what you have left over after you give 100 percent."

-Langston Coleman

Did you know: The sound you hear when you crack your knuckles is actually the sound of nitrogen gas bubbles bursting.

Thought of the day: Before I say how swell my week was and I thought I topped it off w/ a 5 mile run and picnic at Miramar Lake and Bamboo Hut I get two swell signs of great things to come. Let me show you.

Yup, I am the champ of the WBZ fantasy basketball league. Good week Chris, you had me all week until Sunday. Booyah!

And yes, I am the champ of another public league. What a way to start to week. Life is good.

So anyway, I don't even wanna recap what made it the best week in a long time so I'll just post some pictures of some of the events. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and 101

Uhhh, forgot what made the other days so great but it included dinner w/ the Als, chillin w/ a million different friends, basketball games, Under The Bridge, and my Fullerton Family. Here is the beginning of my Friday, everything bagel w/ cream cheese and mango passion fruit iced team at Its A Grind.

Cile and I video chatted Mira Mesa for a bit and then my best friend Lai came through and we made some dinner plans for us three. We used to hang out together all the time. Baseball games, dinners, Tijuana, clubs!?! Whatever, its always fun times w/ them.

Thanks to my boss for paying for most of our dinner downtown at De Medici. It was a shmancy restaurant, but it had the best service I've ever had! Hella bread huh girls! Ha! We could use our plates for mirrors but not plates, it was weird...they took them away from us. Ha!

Probably one of the if not THE best calamari I've ever had....ehhhh...yummmy.

I know the pictures have hella noise but its cuz I had to use such a high ISO because the restaurant was hella dim. Of course I order the dish w/ the most cheese in it. They described it as pillows of cheese and that's all I needed to know.

Thanks for the company girlies!

You are what you eat. I am cheese. And you know the saying, "the cheese sits alone". Well I don't give a fuck cuz the cheese is fuckin delicious.

Before heading back to PQ for a PATP for Ollie we stopped by to pose w/ a Delorean (flux capacitor not included) and some beers at the Gaslamp Tavern (no pics sorry).

Beer pong all night long. Hey that rhymes. Notice the number of cans we started with.

Jojobean came through w/ her dank homemade spinach dip! Dangit Josie, I'm trying not to eat past 11 pm!

I love the Fulltown posse.

Rockin out. He's not in the picture but Ian is the best drummer I know. Well on Rock Band at least.

Caught Jason mid bite. The champs of the night Orrie and Fred dogg gettin ready to kill.

Rainbow Warriors and a dark figure outside.

Jojo hit 5 or 6 shots in a row! I forgot cuz I was pretty drunk already. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention I finished 4 months of work that day. It was a day worth celebrating.

Ummm...this is only one table of beer pong. Life is a fun blur. More pictures to come of other shit so keep up sucka! Peas. Happy birthday Ollie and Ron. I love you guys.

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