Friday, April 11, 2008

Alvinisms 482

"I don't want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance. "

-George Balanchine

Did you know: That because of the way they shift their weight, elephants do not leave footprints

Thought of the day: I had a conversation earlier this week w/ Frees aka Althea about dancing and how we miss certain things about it and just reminisced about the best of it all. Honestly I've always wanted to go back to dancing but for some reason I could never see myself dancing for another team other than Team Millennia or Mavyn or one of the projects that come out of there. There are other groups w/ friends of mine that I would love to share the stage withe but the dynamic and chemistry of my personality and belongs "Under The Bridge" and it's just where my heart is in the dance world.

I went up to Fullerton to have dinner w/ my little sissys Kleng (Wobz or Kristine) and Nellie (Jhinelle) but we ended up w/ In N Out and just staying at the studio w/ the team and hung out w/ old friends as oldie trickled in to watch the dress rehearsal. Let me tell you to watch for TM this Sunday because their routine isn't what you'd think of TM and it's super fierce, funny, and just good ol fashion sick dancing.

More thoughts to come up next time. This could end up being a super long Alvinism. Peace. Love. Faith.

Random Thought: Dude, I'm trying to find my friends on Myspace but people have weird names that make it hard to find them! For example someone like Ollie might be named <> and I'd never know it was him. Holla back if you want me to actually keep in touch w/ you cuz I'm trying son!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and 101

For some reason Blogger isn't letting post up pics right now so you'll have to wait, but! I got a grip of pictures so just hold on tight.

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