Sunday, March 09, 2008

Alvinisms 455

"Motivate, motivate, motivate, motivate."

-Mr. Tuttle from Saved by the Bell

Did you know: The original "Saved by the Bell (w/ Mikey and Miss Bliss) was gonna be called "Good Morning Miss Bliss" Fact by Preezy. Thanks!

Thought of the day: Happy birthday Ms. Jenny! Jenny has been one of my best friends for about 12 years. I knew her since middle school (JAVCT). But yeah, then in high school we were in like the same classes every year. Then in college in Fullerton we had 4 classes together in the first semester and like 10 classes total together! Then she worked at the shop so I saw her even more! This girl is following me! Just kidding. Love you Jenny.

This is us at our graduation party at HOB. Fulltown alumni!

This is us before I moved to Japan. I like Fatch in the back creepin. What kind of face is that Jenny!?! Ha!

Yeah, but for sure Jenny has been one of my closest and bestest friends. She's got a good heart and straight head on her shoulders. She's been through and listened through all my ups and down. Not many people can say that because they didn't live in Fullerton for college so she knows me better than most and I just wanted to say thank you to Jenny for being so wonderful. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and 101

So around 11:30 p.m. comes around and I wish birthday girl and early bday but we end up getting some random drinks at Fridays till 1:30! Hooray for randomness!

We just chatted, ate some dip, and enjoyed happy hour priced drinks. It's always nice to catch up w/ great friends.

Jenny is the lightest person I know. Ha! Oh wait, I mean. Love you girl and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Preez and I ate at Mamma Mia Sunday for dinner. She got a ginormous bonus so she took me out! Thanks again! Here is her Ravioli Sofia. The sauce is so amazing. Oh my God, I'm hungry again.

Here is my Ravioli Innamorati! Cheese, white sauce, walnuts and a whole lot of delicious! Man, I love this place. Thank you Josephine for introducing us to it! Seriously I eat every spec on the plate from the tiny nuts to almost licking the plate. Thank you Preezy for an awesome time. Bubba Gump and Train Day!

And yes, I haven't had a random picture in a while so here it is! I always kinda worried cuz my niece used to sleep w/ her face in the pillow, this one actually looks kinda comfortable.

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