Monday, February 11, 2008

Alvinisms 432

"In life, each of us must sometimes play the fool."

-Yiddish saying

Did you know: You might be thinking, "where does Yiddish come from?" Well, according to Wikipedia, "is a non-territorial Germanic language, spoken throughout the world and written with the Hebrew alphabet."

Thought of the day: Today I felt like a real teacher outside the classroom. I was chatting w/ parents and inviting them to observe the class and come in for a tour of the materials and work. Then before I went to work at The Shop I stopped by A+ Teaching Materials to pick up some things for the class. It was so fun! I almost bought all this stuff and I ended up spending like $22 on puzzles for them to make and paint. I felt like grown up...finally at 25. Anyhoo, I'm here studying...well kinda studying at Borders w/ Preezy and she is writing some stuff.

The funny part of it is when she was complaining on how hard it is to bullshit work and then she gasped for air and her eyes lit up like the forth of July and exclaimed, "I forgot about double spacing!" She was so delighted that she was almost done and was happy and there I was just confused w/ an awkward look in face. It was a cute moment.

Got some work done and went jogging. Looks like productivity has found it's way into my life again.

So it looks like there might be a picnic/bonfire/bbq thing this weekend. I'm not really good at planning so ya'll need to drop some ideas to make it come through. Thanks guys.

It's time to sleep. Tonight I'm gonna need some SoCo to help me sleep. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Eddie's been telling me to eat at this spot. It's called "The Guild" and it's not what I'm used to but it was pretty impressive.

The guy who owns the restaurant hand buit all the stuff in here from the rails, walls, etc.

To the tables, chairs, and stuff. That's what really impressed me.

To prove it, there is a window that peaks into his metal workshop in the back. Sugoi!

This is what I ordered, it was called, "Caprese - a study" It was sooo good! The foam on top was uber tasty and yums; and even the leaf was delicious. It was salty, tasty and amazing. Oh yeah, its made of cheese, tomatoes, pesto and other stuff.

This is Althea's food, it was like sashimi heaven. Stuff was really good and the wasabi foam was unique. Me likey too.

Edwin bought the Kobe beef sliders. They looked delicious but sized like a White Castle burger.

This picture does not do Neill's fish justice cuz all of us kept eyeing it and he said it was dope.

-I know the quote "quality before quantity" but to me, when it comes to food, I do need to get full or at least satisfied in order to really enjoy something. The Guild was definitely a place to appreciate the architecture and the fine food but the portions were a little small for my liking. One day I'll come back and order two plates. I definitely recommend this place though cuz it's amazing and the food is really good. I kinda miss it now and I'm getting hungry.

So....we ate at Tajima afterwards!!! Of course I got the regular: either spicy or miso ramen and karaage. This here is my ultimate favorite part of the meal. The egg....oh yes....the egg....mmmmm....yummm....I'm getting that feeling in my tummy.

Oh and did we tell you, our new tradition is to take a picture at Adult Emporium afterwards? Yeah, this place is so gnarly that it claims not just XXX porn but XXXX porn! What the!?! (Look at Neill's X, hahahaha!)

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