Monday, January 07, 2008

Alvinisms 405

"I always had a passion for flashin, before I had it
I'd close my eyes and imagine, the good life."

-Kanye West

Did you know: By the time you reach 12th grade, you will have been in school for about 17,000 hours.

Thought of the day: Oh man, so this is what it feels like to go back to school after a small hiatus and boy does it feel like the pits. Sleeping early in the morning and waking just before noon has got to out the door and back to sleeping before midnight. But I miss the kids! They're friggin awesome!

I was working w/ Mr. Montoya at the Mira Mesa and just before we closed we snapped a few shots.

If you know Mira Mesa, you know that Mandarin Garden has some of the best Chinese food even though it felt like a dungeon in there. There are no windows or hope of civilization from the inside and it always looked closed from the outside. But vwalah! They are now and upperscale establishment w/ glass doors that show the hungry inside.

Isn't it beautiful? Come and drop by and if you'd like, I love Chipotle burritos (hint hint)

The insides of the beast.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

See you there at 7 p.m. Visit

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