Saturday, November 24, 2007

Alvinisms 381

"Can I get these in a size...?"

-One of the hundreds of customers to come in a take a advantage of the Workshop's Black Friday sale

Did you know: KJ is employee of the month for Willys Workshop!

Thought of the day: So its 5:35 a.m. and if you're wondering what I'm doing up, it's because I pretty much slept through the whole Wildboyz Thanksgiving party. But I was there!!! Just upstairs. (Sorry and thanks Ollie, I saw you crashed on the couch when I went downstairs.)

Before I go into the party, lets me tell you how my sleep came about. Black Friday for me started Thanksgiving Day. Thank you to Preez for holding my spot at Circuit City cuz w/out her I wouldn't have my new 42" Sharp TV. I ate dinner w/ my family and had to bounce pretty quick, but instead of them being mad, they were checking the ads to see if they could get anything too. It was pretty funny. Afterwards, I go back and swappy swap w/ Preez so she could get some sleep. (THANK YOU PREEEEEEZZZY!!!) The whole stay could be another post but I don't wanna make this too long. So anyhow, the line is filled w/ weirdos, angry shoppers, rude people, Chinese families, and 8 year olds that are buying laptops (this is so unfair to some people in line who really need it).

So Circuit City was ridiculously unorganized but I managed to get my TV!...but not in my car so TK comes and helps me out w/ that w/ his 4Runner. On the way home, we lose one of the pins that holds his bike rack in place so we go back to Circuit City, then eat, the Home Depot to buy a temporary replacement, then back to Circuit City to check again, then to Best Buy to find deals, and end up a the shop around 9 o'clock where I get my first hour of sleep.

Then work the Mira Mesa Workshop w/ Fatch, KJ, Chad and Ollie. Long day, lots of sales, and thank you to KJ for covering my afternoon shift or else I would have missed the party completely. Ollie took me home but I don't remember anything after laying down in his truck.

Sleep from 4 till like 9 and the hit up Ollie's for the WBZ, eat, drink, sing along in Rock Band, and then crash...I think I slept at like midnight till 5 at Ollie's. I woke up to Chris yelling at someone and some friends wailing on Rock Band. Everyone was pretty much gone and so was I. Grabbed some peanuts, made a date to eat Tajima w/ Free Hugs and peaced. Now I'm home and gonna sleep again. Thanks for reading the longest and boringest blog. Happy Thanksgiving. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

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