Sunday, October 28, 2007

Alvinisms 369

"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try. "

-Beverly Sills

Did you know: In New Jersey, it is against the law to "frown" at a police officer.

Thought of the day: First of all I wanna give a big congratulations to one of my closest friends, Oliver Neglerio, on his graduation from Platt College! His ceremony was small and awesome. There was this flute musician that blew my mind. I never knew that so many sounds could come out of that thing, that fast and simultaneously. It was gnarly gnars. Afterwords we hit up the Neglerio residence for Uncle Gil cooked food and some drinks. 4 o'clock in the morning and you'll still find like 10 of us drinking in the front lawn. Good times my friends. The golfball/rock game gave me bubble guts the whole Saturday. Speaking of Saturday.

Partying w/ Hoey Inc., Victory, and the Wildboyz turned me into a drunk hot mess. Of course it was dope dope dope w/ a lot of booze booze booze. Orrie of course has to have the costume of the year w/ his Transforming concoction. Sorry about what happened. If anyone has any information about the vandalism that happened, please let someone know. After the club, Eddie, Josephine, Althea and I go to my favorite restaurant, Tajima, for some delicious ramen...but Althea falls asleep at the table and doesn't eat at all! Haha, hope you feel better Frees!

Sunday equals one of the most wonderful sports day in a while. First was the Chargers shalacking the Houston Texans. The funny thing about this game was the lack of Houston fans, if you know me at a game, I like to talk a lot of crap and I found myself trying to yell at a whole nother section just to find some fans to heckle. Good times and hopefully Ian Hoey of Hoey Inc. and Preezy Preez had a good time as our guests to the game. Thanks Willy and Shalihe!

Not only was it a dope football day but also a great baseball day. If you don't know, well now you know that....BBBOOOOOSSSTTTTOOONNNNN REEEEDDDDD SOOOXXXXX!!! Yes, I am a Red Sox fan, funny thing is that I hate the Patriots even more than the Raiders but support the Red Sox through and through and now we've won the World Series sweeping the almost Cinderalla story Rockies. Erwin's dad said they should change the name from the Colorado Rockies to the Colorado Rookies and that's how they played; young and inexperienced. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Chris is now a wrestler. This dude is a good dude w/ some serious balls. Not what your thinking.

Karen and Preezy Preez freaking out on the dance floor.

Orrie in full effect and a black angel Fred.

The Godfather of the Wildboyz Madre.

Evil angel TJ and good angel Fred. Nice face Tee.

I'm guessing most of you don't know who Edwin and I are supposed to be. If you watch Conan O'Brien regularly, you'll recognize..."in the year the year 2000!"


Mysters photoshoot. Nice backdrop. Thanks Ian!

Freddy and Iron Man Tony Stark aka Fatch. Oh no! We know you're try identity Iron Man!

Ahh much better.

Kitty, Pad, Mailman = Rhods, Jojo, Karl Malone...I mean Ojay. More pictures to come my friend.

Ahh yes, I have a new camera but still like to show random photos like this guitar filled w/ cocaine! Daaaaayyyyaaammmm!!!

This fireplace just caught my eye as friggin awesome. Those aren't seats next to it.

Check out these monster alien banks. It sure beats the hell out of stuffing your cash in the back of a pig.

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