Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Alvinisms 266

"It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness."


Did you know: Lego was invented in 1949. The name comes from the Danish words "Leg" meaning play and "Godt" meaning good.

I dunno who this is. I found it on google and thought it was funny.

Thought of the day: Ah, hump day is a great day that comes with the great feeling that the weekend is coming. Its funny, cuz I don't loathe working, even two jobs, and the weekend is just a really nice break. Sleeping in means walking up at 830 instead of 730 so it really isn't a big difference. Oh well.

You know the quote, "do what you love". Well, I'm actually living it and you know what, its AWESOME. I don't really complain about working which actually something I enjoy doing and I get paid. So I'm not exactly buying Ferrari Enzo's every weekend but I do have enough to put away in savings and still enjoy life. Maybe my taste isn't so extravagant but helps me keep me grounded. When I think of all my parents went through and how far they've come, that keeps me grounded in being humble and from being frivolous. I think I've written about this before but for my and for some of your parents who came overseas and started a whole life and made new ones and started lives for us that is just amazing. I mean, even now they are still building a giant foundation for me and for future generations (yes there will be baby Alvinisms running around) and I am soo proud of them. In fact, Imma just tell them that. Then next time I see them, I will tell them I love them and that I'm proud of them and all they've accomplished. Yeah, that sounds good. Writing these Alvinisms sure do help me look at life from another prospective and look deeper into myself and encourage everyone else to do so as well. Just tell someone you love, "I love you and I appreciate you." Try it.

Oh and another perk is that I get to go to the Museum of Grossology w/ my students. Guess what I get to do also! I get to drive The Growing Place van. This is cool but is kinda scary cuz they are all my responsibility, but I look forward to it soo much! Imma big boy now! Peace. Love. Faith.


-I love you and appreciate you

Sorry, I don't have many pictures to share right now. But if I dont have pictures, I'll try to put up a video. So here is a classic.