Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Alvinisms 248

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

-Abraham Lincoln

Did you know: Over 10 of the WBZ and friends have Nintendo DS so you can spot us if you see a group of people not talking to each other and looking down into their laps. Also over 13 of us have Macbooks. Just imagine when we start buying houses! I'm gonna be all your agents right!?! Help a brotha out!

Thought of the day: This one has a lot of pictures for all you people who skip the reading anyway and go straight to the pictures. But the rest of the pictures of the night will be posted tomorrow cuz there are a lot. The funny thing is that ya'll probably don't know that I'm talking to you cuz you skipped this and went straight to the pics. Oh man I just wasted all this time typing this useless banter. Ho hum. J/K. Enjoy the rest of the Alvinism.

I've been really productive lately w/ all my studying and getting a job and guess what!!! I found the video of the 2001 Airbands "BANGARANG!" So look forward to seeing on Youtube within a week cuz I need to find my battery charger and then just get to it. Cool, after this the Wildboyz trilogy of Airbands will be complete!


-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-Almost done w/ the checklist

Willys Workshop new shop vid coming out soon!!!

If you want some dope free shizz stop by the shop and watch the City premiere!

The birthday boys Evan and Wildfredo of KOS acting hard and Willy in the back blowing them a kiss.

This is cutest picture of Fatch in the world. Is that a pager Evan? Dang, I should brought my Airtouch pager.

I found Osaka creeper number 3, Ollie, scoping out Jenny, Rhoda, and Mary Grace.

"Aye, yo ma, whas really good wit you?" said Kimtan. "Haha! I'm sooo druuunk!" said Jenny. "WTF is going on? said Rhoda.

Ojay tried spitting no avail.

Candlelit macaroni and cheese dinners!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!! Nuff said!

What caught my eye in this picture is that TJ looks like he has a really long beard.

I have no idea what Phong is doing. Neither does Suze but she seems to enjoy it.

Phong vs the 2 handed JRaz. Chris and Jenny in back talking about politics or something.

This was a bad idea. By the way, there is a series two of this night so look forward to another Alvinism tomorrow to help get your workday going. Have fun my friends.



that pic of tj and ollie is THE GAYEST PICTURE EVER

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