Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Alvinisms 226

"Aye, how much are these tires?"

-TJ talking about the skateboard wheels. (I guess its only funny if you skate or work at the shop. You're not the weakest link friend...maybe.)

Did you know: I threw up 3 times last night at D and B's. First cuz I was stuffed from the delicious food a la Gordon Biersch w/ Preezy (thank you love!), second cuz I was smashed and couldn't keep a dang thought for longer than 10 seconds so I yacked, third was right before I went in the car cuz I didn't want to have Preezy pull over for me to spill my guts...literally.

Thought of the day: Thank you to everyone who made it out to my birthday, called me, left a message or comment, and/or just gave kind thoughts. Thank you. I really appreciate all my friends w/ all my heart and I was beyond happy to celebrate being born 24 years ago w/ my WBZ family and my main squeeze Apreezy Preez. This could get deep cuz I never really celebrated birthdays but I won't let it get there. So just a big thank you, I love you, Have a safe and Happy Holidays to all. Time for our 9th Annual Secret Santa! Party on my friends! Party on! Peace. Love. Faith.

And congratulations to all my nursing mamis on graduating! Im proud of all of you and don't forget that I will not be buying health insurance now since I have all of you. Thanks Sugar Mamaz!!! Love you Lai!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-From beginning to end, yesterday was perfect. Thank you love. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Time to spy!

-Pictures to come soon. No worries. Time to recover.

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