Sunday, November 05, 2006

Alvinisms 209, 31st in Japan

"You are liar."

-This is what Ayumi said to me as me, her, and yuki were riding bikes back to my house. I told her and Yuki that I would be the worst but it turns out I was a decent player! Soccer in Japan! Sugoi!

Did you know: They have indoor soccer here with only 5 players on each team. Its called Futsal, the ball is smaller, maybe a size 3 or 4, but it is soooo fun! Sugoi!

Thought of the day: Oh man, so the weekend is here and it couldn't have come at a better time. As you know I've had two kids days and I've played soccer w/ the locals. There were over 20 people playing and in the end we played Gaijin vs Japanese. Of course to make it fair, they lent us some good players so it was fun and even. No scores but I got a lot of high fives from the good players! Toot toot! Sugoi!

This wednesday we are going to watch the boat races, imagine horseracing but with small speed boats on steriods! Sugoi! Don't you wish you were here! I wish ya'll were here to enjoy....and say "sugoi!!!"

Oh and about my emo epiphany, yeah here in Japan I had a lot of goals, things to see and things I've wanted to learn. So far they've all been accomplished and I've had a few pleasant surprises like my authentic dinner cooked by a Japanese woman at her house soccer w/ all the locals, and making friends with the owners of a bar and soccer team. This is too sick man. But there are still more things in life in general I still want to and will accomplish and need to do now. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-You are my superwoman

This is where we played, there are 3 indoor fields and you can rent shoes for 300 yen. There is also a driving range right next to it! Buck buck for fun! Sugoi!

Futsal = Sugoi!!! Look at the yellow jerseys, they belong to a team called "Team Giallo" recognize the name? Yup that's the bar I go to.

Can-Chan and Aniki waiting for their next match.

Aniki, Jim, Taka, Alex, Jim, I forgot his name. Taka said I was pretty fast! Ha! Maybe compared to big white foreigners who just drink and smoke a lot!

Aniki, Maroo, Taka, Alex (the big guy), Olivia (the guy w/ the black jacket) You can see Yuki (the bar owner in the middle in the back)

Can-chan is the coolest. He can speak decent English and is super nice, funny, and is no afraid to take lead and do things. He sorta reminds me of Toes.

Taka is funny and nice guy.

This is most of the players that were there. The guy on the left w/ the white shirt and blue pants is Maroo, he's only in high school but is better than anyone I've ever seen. Sorry Allan. The guy above him in the black Shuji and he's just as sick. Whatcha know about that son!

Ayumi and Yuki, they own Giallo's. They even sponsor a team, called Team Giallo, w/ dope yellow jerseys. I rode on the back of Yuki's bike on the way there. And rode Ayumi's bike on the way back. ts nice to know high people that are super nice. I have video so if you wanna see it, ask Preezy. I

The only downside is I split my toenail. I'd like to say it was from blasting a goal through the torso of their best player, but I think I got it from...I forget, probably something really dumb.

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