Monday, September 25, 2006

Alvinisms 184, 6th in Japan

"I need a beer."

-Vince, myself, and this girl Jessica who is training w/ us.

Did you know: Teaching the language isn't the hard part, its following their protocol right away and doing it right away.

Thought of the day: Yesterday was probably one of the most exhausting days of my life. It started at 1230 pm and ended at 9 at night. Man, we learned how things work and how the lesson plans were, then we were thrown into the fire and started teaching the people the very first day! Wow, it was nerve wracking because we just learned how they set up the lesson and how the activities are then they put us, individually + a titled instructor, in w/ 2-3 students. Man, this is the most on the spot thinking and gutwrenching feeling. Afterwards, I thought I was the only person that did bad, but when Vince, Jessica, and I got in the elevator we all slumped and started saying stuff like, "oh man i bombed, or oh shizz i crashed." Hopefully today will go a little more smooth. My roomie Nick did tell me that the hardest part of the whole NOVA program is the On The Job Training. Boy, they really mean "ON THE JOB" no need for practice...go teach. Wow.

Today, I wish I could sit and practice what I learned and need to improve on but I'm gonna meet Vince early and try to start a bank account at MUFG, and on our day off, thursday, we are going to get phones as a family so that we can talk for free. WBZ family, gotta love it.

Oh yeah, congratulation to one of my closest and best friends Leonard Portillo on scoring in the top 5% out of 190 in his police test! Thats my boy!!!

I just wanna thank April Joy aka Preezy Preez for really supporting me in what I'm doing. She encourages me and helps me cope w/ the stress of being out here and teaching as well as being my rock, foundation, and strength to make each day better. Thank you.

Thank you to the WBZ for also supporting me, talking to me, and looking out for my main squeeze. Ya'll are the best. Love you guys.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-You are my strength. With us its real. I've felt like this...ever. I love you Preezy.

This is my smile at the very beginning of the craziest day of my life. It kind of reminds me of the first football practice I ever had except all I had to do was endure pain, here I feel more pressure and stuff. Ho hum...Time to live, learn, and move on.

This is the smile at the end of the day in the subway. Can you see the sweat, loosened tie, unbuttoned shirt, wrinkles, and woretorn face. Its okay, it'll only get easier from here. Hopefully. Thank you to all of you for emailing, messaging, and commenting; it means a lot to me.

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