Friday, September 22, 2006

Alvinisms 181, 3rd in Japan

In reference to a converasation that Fatch and I had about if I can grow out my hair here in Japan. I told him that I won't be able to go to work when it's growing out and hits that ugly phase. He said, "japan will never make you ugly... japan will make you unique..."

Did you know: I work where Vince lives, but he works somewhere else. Maybe I'll be crashing there once a week to save me some travel. Vince and I will also be training together at the NOVA station in Namba. I'll keep ya'll updated.

Thought of the day: In the beginning my thoughts of the day were sort of deep and somewhat emo, but now they are more of a blog or journal. I hope you don't mind, I just want ya'll to keep updated of what I've been up to.

Here is a little blog I wrote down while on the plane to Kansai. Vince sitting by the window, I'm center, new friend Travis is the aisle, and other new friend Alec is in front of Vince, and no one is in front of me which is good so i can put my feet on the back. The movie selection is pretty good: The Da Vinci Code, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Sentinel, The Ode To Joy, RV, Lucky # Slevin, Chariots of Fire, Basic Instinct 2, and Cracking the Da Vinci Code. I just had a Kirin beer & some nuts while looking through the Japan Air shopping magazine which has crazy expensive shizz!!! i.e. $350 hankys and $150 ties. Lunch is chicken teriyaki, salad, sushi, lemon pie, more beer, all while watchng the Sentinel. Dinner was a salad w/ ham, cold udon, fruit (grapefruit, honey dew, and cantelope), bread roll, mushrooms and ravioli in a cream (soooo good). Watched RV and X-Men. That's all.

Yesterday I went back to the castle w/ Vince and our other newbie Desiree, and we also went to most of the places we went in March. Exactly the same places. I'll show you the pictures later cuz the battery died and I"m charging it right now. Today I"m gonna go to Vince's place and explore more and hit up some bars, fun times! Gotta start saving! Please keep the messages and comments coming. It helps me keep busy and feel loved during this time of semi-loneliness. Thanks friends! Time to cook, clean, read, and have fun!!! Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Purple Shins Crew

-Great sleep

My friend Yuki who own's Giallo, makes a mean pizza, this is the mushroom chicken pizza. It's cheaper and tastes better than Pizza Hut! Thanks Yuki!

This Vince and Desiree, we are all newbies and from San Diego. Chill in front of the castle, we walked as shizzload yesterday.

I thought this drink looked yummy like an iced tea. But tasted like coffee, tea, and shit all together. Its okay, you gotta take risks and try new things right? You live, you learn.

There are a over a million bikes here. There are parking garages just for bikes. The most common crime is bike theft. The most common way for foreigners to get in trouble is to buy and ride a bike that is unregistered or stolen.

You can see people dancing. At night a lot of groups and bboys come here to practice dancing. I'm gonna session w/ some of the bboys mabye and I'll try to dance w/ them. How awesome would it be to perform w/ a Japanese group!?!

This is the Osaka Museum of History. Haven't been in it yet.

Shalihe and April would love to live here because sometimes for McDonalds happy meals, they give away Hello Kitty stuff, and the boy's toys are awesome cars!

I spotted Vince and surge of comfort came over me. That may sound gay and whack, but when you are alone in a foreign country and no one speaks your language, a person that speaks English is good but a friend you've know for 12 years is better. WBZ4Life! FF!

Tomorrow I'll put up pics of where we were yesterday that were the same as in March, I got a lot stuff to do before I starting messing w/ photoshop again. Also, my Alvinisms willl be coming in the afternoon-evening now because it's the morning over here. I get to sleep in everyday so when I wake up I'll write them, so check yo shizz after work or school and write me a message suckas!Siyonara friends!

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