Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Alvinisms 179, first post from Japan

"Let the world change you, and you can change the world."

-Che Guevarra (courtesy of my fellow TM Alumni, Ryan Leano.

Did you know: I have two flatmates by the name of Ben and Nick.

This is Yuki and Ayumi, they work at the local bar called Giallo (it means yellow in another language but I forgot which) that likes NOVA peeps, they speak a little English. The plum wine and green tea is a great mix.

Yes we hit the bar the first night. I met a bunch of other instructors/neighbors there and a couple locals named: Babu and Aniki. I might play soccer and baseball w/ them soon.

These are my flatmates Nick on the left and Ben on the right. The draft beer is Heineken here and the bars can be open all night. I'll take pics of my place and surrounds soon so keep up!

Thought of the day: Man, getting started is a lot of work. For example, getting registered, deposting money, getting my bank account started, find out where everything is, trying to get a bite to eat, get a phone, email other instructors, meet new people, get used to time, unpack, buy groceries, set up room, figure out what else I need to buy. Wow, this is gonna be an adventure and I look forward to the whole trip. No worries cuz I'll bring you along. My thought of the day will kind of turn into a diary where you can keep up w/ what I've been up to so hope to see you soon my friend. Here are some pics of the last day in America. I love you guys and take care. Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz/Mavyn/NOVA

-Things will be just fine for you, me, and us

Please wrap everything in bacon. Yum! Rei De Gado w/ Preez and Lai was the best, I almost got full off the salad bar!

We take a lot pics where I smile and she makes a face.

And vice versa.


I told yah.

A few homies kickin it at Apreezy for the sleep over.

Toes fell asleep and this little boy kept looking at him.

Lai is my best friend.

I know I'm blessed.

The WBZ that came to see Vince and I off. Thank you. Sorry Vince and I didn't get super proper good-byes, we were the last ones to get on the plane. They yelled at me when I looked back to say goodbye and "I love you Preez." They yelled at me, "are you coming or not!?!" Dang!

Thanks friends and family.

You all hold a special place in my heart.

What are the Wildboyz thinking. Oh well, time to go out and explore Japan!

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