Thursday, August 24, 2006

Alvinisms 158

"The only thing constant is change."

-I forgot or it's unknown

Did you know: Bobby Fischer (America's champion who beat Boris Spassky in 1972) was a classmate of Barbar Streisand in high school. (I recommend everyone watch the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer Thanks Preez!

Thought of the day: Running this morning felt good, lunch with Apreezy is gonna be great, and the bboy jam in Mira Mesa tonight equals one thing...a really good day! Plus Kimtan and I finished the Mavyn X Wildboyz shirts last night so that's one more thing not to worry about. Thanks brotha, I wouldn't have been able to finish them without you dude. Thanks. This weekend is gonna be hype starting off with saturday and Team Millennia Dance Center's Summer Intensive Showcase where we will be selling our Wildboyz shirts and the collabo tee.

And then on Sunday we have our football playoffs!!! The Wildboyz are the second place team and have a bye the first game so come and support please! The game is at 11 o'clock. Take the 15 S, 163 S, 52 W, 805 S, exit Balboa make a right and left on Chargers Way, its on the left side. It's not very far, its like Clairemontish, Super Sergio'sish. So come support please!

-Alvinisms of the Wildboyz and Mavyn

-I'm coming back for you and spiderman kisses. :)

It's hard to make serious faces.

But she makes this one easy. Shmiley Shmiles!!!

See...I told yah.

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